Quote of the Day

He smiled faintly, but his eyes were sad. "You know one of the best things about Dani?"
The list was long.

"She feared nothing. Do you know what fear fears?"
I inclined my head, waiting.

"Laughter," he said.

"Your point?" I said stiffly, in no mood for more of his cutting insights. We'd accomplished nothing tonight but pissing each other off. Again.

"Laughter is power. One of the greatest weapons we have. It can slay dragons and it can heal. Jada doesn't have it anymore. As long as she doesn't, she's more vulnerable than any of you seem to realize. Stop worrying about your idiotic 'things' and start worrying about her. Make her laugh, Mac. And remember how to do it yourself, while you're at it. Nice hair, by the way." 

~ Feverborn by Karen Marie Moning


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