Come To The Saucy Side.

Fair warning: This is a shameless self promotion post. We recently started an Instagram account, and we want to tell you, our wonderful, Saucy readers, all about it! Sharing IS caring, after all.

So follow us through the jump for a sneak peek into our brand spankin' new Instagram, and let us know what you think!

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We know we've got all sorts of followers! People who read all sorts of books, genres, from all over the world. People who might be foodies like us, love dessert as much as some of us, cat people, dog people, or people who have the right idea and love both (wink!), people who love relaxing with a cup of tea, or coffee, or a glass of wine at the end of a long day, people with kids. And so many more! And we LOVE that so much! I'm here to tell you, we have got you covered!

From the puppy pics

Chewy is a reader too.
To the kitty pics

"No interruptions while I'm reading."
To the cutest toddler ever pics

Reader in training!
And the food porn we pass off as bookporn ;)

That is a nice looking breakfast.
Dessert porn when we go to amazing cities for book events and buy local faves

King cake from Sucre in NOLA!
And souvenirs we picked up from certain cities favorite books are set in!  

So pretty agh!
From Olga's AMAZING collages, memes, and quote pics

Olga has mad skills.
To our reading and relaxation pics with tea, or coffee, or wine.

To Ontario, Canada
From North Carolina

and Auckland, NZ
Maybe add some nail art to that (I really wasn't kidding about us covering a lot of things!)
Anne's classy as fuck.
Some shoe porn for those of us that love heels as much as we love books

Shoe+Book porn by Wench Shau in Croatia.
And perhaps some pics that are a little bit of everything.

Wench Merit sent this one from Israel.
We're all trying to share small parts of our reading lives with you! 

Beta taking pretty pics all the way from Iceland! 
And just so we don't limit our amazing readers, we repost gorgeous book pics we wish we had taken from the most wonderful bookish accounts on instagram, and urge you to follow them too! There are so many of us readers out there! 

One of our faves to repost is oasisgirlmd.
I hope I've managed to convince you to join Instagram, if you aren't already on, follow us, tell us what you'd like to see on our Instagram account, we're always open to suggestions! We hope to see you there! 

Follow us here.

Thank you for your time!
*Unless specified otherwise, ALL pictures are property of the Wenches. Please do not use without permission.
**Gif from tumblr


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