On the Twelfth Day of Sauciness

My True Love Gave to Me:

Twelve Saucy Sex Scenes

Eleven Funny Sayings

Ten Kick-Ass Chicas

Nine Naughty Excerpts

Eight Most Wanted Novels

Seven Dreamy Kisses

Six Sexy Couples

Five Hot Book Boyfriends 

Four Supporting Characters 

Three Characters Cities 

Two Most Painful Endings


One Piece of Gandy Candy

David Gandy for Twist Magazine
(Source: davidgandyblogspot.com)

Well, here it is...the grand finale. We hope you've enjoyed our saucy version of the Twelve Days of Christmas. It's our present to you. We've saved the best for last, and by "best" I mean some of our favorite sizzling, smoking hot sex scenes. We've been busy (ahem) researching pages and pages of ladyporn love scenes from some of our favorite books. Grueling! We've got twelve of them to share with you. Now that sounds like a Merry Christmas to me!

Drumroll please.........


(Vishous, Jane, and a sink)

She swallowed. "What what are you going to do to me?"

He wheeled her to one side, all the while keeping his hips tight to her ass. "You see that sink, Jane?"

"Yes" Holy shit, she was going to orgasm.

"I'm going to bend you over that sink and make you hold on to the sides. Then I'm going to pull your pants off."

DONNA: My, oh my! That V is awfully good at the dirty talk! Fans of the Black Dagger Brotherhood know this scene very well. Vishous is a member of the Brotherhood, a group of vampire superheroes. The Brothers are all large, strong, muscular and powerful, but Vishous has that little something extra that makes all the girls swoon! He also calls all the shots in the bedroom. There's nothing hotter than being mastered by an expert who won't let you come until he's good and ready to let you!

SHAU: Love ‘The sink’ scene. It’s one of the sexiest between them. I love the fact that Jane likes to “play” with him and enjoys his different tastes. Yes, there is a lot ahead of this couple, but here is where we see how well they fit together (considering V’s interesting preferences).


(Cat and Bones)

"My whole body arched, and I inadvertently pulled on the bonds holding me. More liquid fire cascaded in me, tripled by the new flames in my leg, and I came with an internal spasm that left me trembling. Holy shit! He hadn't even touched me between my legs, and here I was shaking from a 9.0 on the orgasm scale."

DONNA: This has to be the best sex scene ever!!! All you have to say is "Chapter 32" and women know what you're talking about. If you haven't read Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series, you're missing out! Cat is part-human, part-vampire, and Bones is a gorgeous vampire who was a male prostitute in his past life. He knows ALL the tricks! Holy shit!

SHAU: This scene was a surprise for me. I was used to the sexiness in these books, but this one really threw me. It amazing how much trust Cat has in Bones.


(Ethan and Merit)

His expression went serious, his eyes changing to the green of ancient Celt forests. "You are mine, Merit."

I smiled and put a hand on his face, running my thumb along the soft bow of his lips. "I am yours until you ban bacon, or otherwise as long as I can put up with you."

He grinned wickedly, but his eyes were on my body as he did it. "Let’s see just how long you can put up with me."

I should have taken that for the warning it was.

DONNA: Have I mentioned how much I like the slow burn? There's just something about a couple who isn't jumping into bed within the first few pages of the story. Ethan and Merit, a four-hundred-year-old vampire Master and a very young Sentinel, have had to navigate a lot of obstacles in order to be together. It's payoff time, baby!

SHAU: FINALLY!! The wait for this one was killing me! These two are the biggest teases ever. My first reaction to this scene was relief and then hotness. These two were meant to be together, and finally they really are in all ways.


(Tyler and Del)

He fisted both hands into her long hair and yanked her head back, arching her body against his. With his lips, he shoved her own apart. He didn’t just kiss her; he violated her mouth, plunging inside, dying to taste her completely. Possess her.

DONNA: Shayla Black writes some of the hottest sex scenes out there. This is one of my favorites. We first met Tyler in Decadent, an earlier installment of her Wicked Lovers series. I've had a soft spot for him ever since. Tyler's partner, Eric, has recently been paralyzed, and one night he offers Ty a night in heaven with his beautiful, lonely wife, Del. It's kind of squicky having Eric watching, but Tyler can't resist the object of his huge, secret crush. This scene reads like a tutorial on how to give the perfect *ahem.

SHAU: I haven’t read this one, but after this scene I’m putting it on my ‘to read list’.


(Joe and Sadie)

We made it to the stairs in three steps, but got no farther. The ridge of the step bit into my back as he pressed me down. He swallowed my gasp, sipped my breath and stole my air, then gave it back to me with his next exhale. He was wet and cold and hot, and so was I, shivering under his touch. The bottle slipped to the steps beside me, the solid thunk of glass on wood an exclamation mark we both ignored.

“Sadie, Sadie, Sadie…”

DONNA: Of all the books I read this year, this is probably my favorite. Click here to read my review from a few months ago. I love Joe and Sadie so much! They had to go such a long way, with a lot of pain along the way, to get to where they are now. This is their first kiss. Poor Joe doesn't even have a condom, but they find a workaround. This scene is just lovely. I melt.

SHAU: I have read this one because Donna placed this scene on this list. It’s a really nice life story with hot moments, and this scene proves it.



"I watched you die. I need to fuck you, Mac."  ... 

"Do you want me to?" There is no purr, or coyness, or seduction in his voice. There is a question that needs an answer. Bare bones. That's what he’s after. That's what he offers. ... 
I want to slow this moment down. Once before, I ended up in bed with him inside me, but I was Priya — it happened so quickly and without conscious choice that it was over before it began. I want this to happen in slow motion. I want to live every second like it's my last. I've chosen this. It feels incredible. "Wait."

His demeanor changes instantly, his eyes haze with crimson. "I haven’t waited long enough?" His chest rattles. His hands are at his sides, curling, flexing. He breathes hard and fast.

DONNA: This one gets me every time. I'll say it again.  SLOW BURN.  Karen Marie Moning owns the slow burn. This scene is five books in the making.  The payoff is amazing.   This is a Wench favorite, for sure. Barrons has spent most of the series keeping Mac ("Ms. Lane") at arm's length, while still trying to keep her close to him. That's all about to change. Booyah!

SHAU: So much happens in these books that this scene acts as a summary of Jericho’s character. I loved it and the fact that this proves how much Mac actually means to him.


(Dmitri, Honor, and some honey)

"I'm going to do things to you now that a good girl definitely shouldn't let a man do to her."

The words made Honor's body turn liquid.

DONNA: I've been a big fan of Dmitri ever since Angel's Blood, the first installment of Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter series. Dmitri, a vampire, is the right hand of the archangel Raphael. Dmitri has clashed with and teased Raphael's love, Elena, and he's about to meet his match. There's something very satisfying about watching his walls come tumbling down once he crosses paths with Honor, a Guild Hunter. Oh, and there's honey.

SHAU: This one was a heart-breaker. It happens right after a pretty emotional confrontation between the two, and I’ve always had an impression that this was a new start for these two. I got the feeling that if they failed here they were doomed.


(Hawke and Sienna)

Raising his hand to his jaw, he rubbed the tender bruise. "You almost broke me."

A smile, slow and heartbreaking in its beauty. "You deserved it."

He felt his own lips curve. "I did." Scanning his eyes up and down her body, he said, "I still intend to have my wicked way with you," in a deliberate attempt to gauge how far she'd allow him to go.

"No kinky stuff till later."

DONNA: Nalini Singh has another on the list, this time for her Psy-Changeling series. Hawke is alpha of the SnowDancer wolf pack. Sienna is a Cardinal X-Psy. It's kind of hard to explain, except to say she has strong telepathic and mental combat powers. She's been the fly in his ointment for years, and this collision has been years in the making. He believes he won't be able to truly mate with anyone, since his wife passed away several years ago. Sienna has had it bad for Hawke, and she's just about got him where she wants him. You know what else I love about this scene? At the end he says to her: "Next time," he murmured in her ear as he collapsed, his heart a fucking drum against his ribs, "I'm not going to behave."

SHAU: Hawke wasn’t my favorite from the start, I grew to love him. Sienna, however, was. I like that they were able to see that through loving each other they were able to overcome the problems they had before admitting they loved one another.


(Eric and Sookie)

"Then I am high-handed," Eric said with no shame whatsoever. "I'm also very . . ." He dipped his head and kissed me slowly, leisurely.

"Horny," I said.

"Exactly," he said, and kissed me again. "I've worked with my new masters. I've shored up my authority. I can have my own life now. It's time I claimed what is mine."

DONNA: How could we have a "favorites" list without including something from Charlaine Harris? The Saucy Wenches would never have met if it weren't for her Southern Vampire Mysteries series. We've spent years cheering on Sookie, and hoping that her HEA would include Eric. "It's time I claimed what is mine" still gives me goosebumps!

SHAU: Just like with Biting Cold, this was also "FINALLY!" for me. I’ve waited for it for a looooooong time and when it happened it was … FINALLY … jkahfsjfnkjsdnfsjk *key smash*


(Jamie and Claire)

"Well, if you've no claim on me, Sassenach," he said, "I've one on you! Come here." He took my face in his hands and set his mouth on mine. There was nothing either gentle or undemanding about that kiss, and I fought against it, trying to pull back from him.

DONNA: Claire gets totally and completely owned in this scene. I break out in a cold sweat every time I read this part. There's bound to be a few things to work out when you take a twentieth-century nurse and plunk her in eighteenth-century Scotland, right into the path of a virile young Highlander. Claire's feeling verra jealous and insecure when a young Scottish lassie pays a little too much attention to her handsome new husband. Needless to say, he sets the record straight. Rawh!

SHAU: Well, this was pretty hot. *fans self*



"I don't want you to be in charge," he whispered, as if he feared she would take him at his word.
"Good. That's good. Because in this bed, I decide your every action. In this bed, I own you."

DONNA: The Darkest Lie is from Gena Showalter's Lords of the Underworld series. Gideon is the the Keeper of Lies, and Scarlett is the Keeper of Nightmares. He is unable to speak the truth without suffering agonizing pain, so bear that in mind when reading this scene. In fact, if he says anything at all, he means exactly the opposite. Scarlett takes charge, which is a refreshing change. You go girl!

SHAU: I love this book. It’s my favorite in the series so far. The story that brings the two characters together is sad and funny at the same time. I love their banter, and I just love reading “Gideon speak” — the world of opposites.


(Chess and Terrible — also in a bathroom)

She knew she should resist, should tell him he couldn't just storm in here and use her like that, but who was she kidding. She'd never been able to resist temptation — especially an unhealthy one — and at that moment he was another pill, another line; one she needed, one she would die if she couldn't have, and her entire body was already vibrating in anticipation. So she twined her arms around his neck, holding on tight, while he shifted her in his arms and drove himself into her.

DONNA: I thought it would be fun to end this post the same way it started - with a bathroom sex scene. This one actually takes place in a nightclub. They are so into each other, the people pounding on the door trying to get in don't stand a chance. At one point, Terrible swings her around and slams her up against the door to keep it closed. *swoons

SHAU: It was hard to narrow it down to these twelve. There are so many good ones to choose from. My iPad is still smoking! Did we leave out your favorite? Sound off below.

On behalf of all the Saucy Wenches, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 


  1. Oh, how I love love love this post! What really makes it is your comments, Donna and Shau! So entertaining!

    As for anything I would add, definately any sex scene with Ty Grady & Zane Garrett (although a few are notorious). Same for Night Huntress, it's SO hard to choose because they are smoking hot, but obvi Ch. 32 is in a class by itself, so I love your choice.

    And, whoa! Mine to Hold is now at the top of my tbr list thanks for those comments from Donna!

  2. My plan is working perfectly, muh ha ha! Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. I sure enjoyed these! Remembering the ones I've read, scrambling to make sure the ones I haven't are on my TBR list.... Thank you, Santa!!! And chapter 32 Night Huntress... 'nuff said!

  4. I loved this post. Would you believe that I've only read four of these books.


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