On the Seventh Day of Sauciness

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Seven Dreamy Kisses

Two Painful Endings


One Piece of Gandy Candy

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It’s all about the building anticipation, the raw emotions displayed by the would be lovers. Will they dare? When? How? The breathless road that leads to the highest excitement, that explosive final moment, the thrill of lips almost touching, hands and bodies clinging together. My heart stops beating for an endless, eternal moment…

Scarlett and Rhett / Gone with the Wind / Margaret Mitchell

Before she could withdraw her mind from its far places, his arms were around her, as sure and hard as on the dark road to Tara, so long ago. She felt again the rush of helplessness, the sinking yielding, the surging tide of warmth that left her limp. And the quiet face of Ashley Wilkes was blurred and drowned to nothingness. He bent back her head across his arm and kissed her, softly at first, and then with a swift gradation of intensity that made her cling to him as the only solid thing in a dizzy swaying world. His insistent mouth was parting her shaking lips, sending wild tremors along her nerves, evoking from her sensations she had never known she was capable of feeling. And before a swimming giddiness spun her round and round, she knew that she was kissing him back.
“Stop–please, I’m faint!” she whispered, trying to turn her head weakly from him. He pressed her head back hard against his shoulder and she had a dizzy glimpse of his face. His eyes were wide and blazing queerly and the tremor in his arms frightened her.

Ethan and Merit / Friday Night Bites / Chloe Neill

Footsteps, and then he was next to me, his body behind mine, his lips at the spot of skin just below my ear. I could feel the warmth of his breath against my neck. The smell of him-clean, soapy, almost discomfortingly familiar. As much as the want of it disturbed me, I wanted to sink back against him, let him envelope me.
Part of that, I knew, was vampire genetics, the fact that he’d changed me… But part of it was much, much simpler.
“Merit.” Part of it was boy and girl. I shook my head. “No, thank you.”
“Don’t deny it. I want this. You want this.”
…He leaned in, a hand at my waist, his body behind mine, and grazed his teeth along the sensitive skin of my neck. The breath shuddered out of me, my eyes rolling back, the vampire inside me thrilled by the innate dominance of the act. I tried to fight my way to the surface of the rising lust, and made the mistake of turning around, facing him. I’d been intent on giving him what-for, on sending him away, but he took full advantage of my shift in position.
Ethan pressed closer, one hand on each side of me, fingers gripping the shelves, framing my body with his, and stared down at me, eyes as green as cut emeralds. He raised a hand to my face, stroked my lip with his thumb. His eyes became quicksilver, a sure sign of his hunger. Of his own arousal. “Ethan,” I said, a hesitation, but he shook his head, gaze dropping to my lips, then drifting shut. He leaned closer, his lips just touching mine.
Teasing, hinting, but not quite kissing. My lids fell, and his hands were at my cheeks, fingers at my jaw, his breath staccato and rushed as his lips traced a trail, pressed kisses, against my closed eyes, my cheeks, everywhere but my lips.
“You are much more than that.”
It was the words that did me in, that sealed my fate. My core went liquid, body humming, limbs languid as he worked to arouse me, to incite me.

Jamie and Claire / Voyager/ Diana Gabaldon

I saw the realization dawn in his eyes as well. Neither of us moved, barely breathing. Then his chest swelled as he took a deep breath, reached and took both my wrists in one hand. He pulled them up, over my head, and held me there, my body arched taut and helpless under him.
"Give me your mouth, Sassenach," he said softly, and bent to me. His head blotted out the candlelight, and I saw nothing but a dim glow and the darkness of his flesh as his mouth touched mine, gently, brushing, then pressing, warm, and I opened to him with a little gasp. His tongue seeking mine. I bit his lip, and he drew back a little, startled. “Jamie,” I said against his lips, my own breath warm between us. “Jamie!” That was all I could say.

Meggie and Ralph / The Thorn Birds / Colleen McCullough

As he bends his head to come at her cheek, she raised herself on tiptoe, and more by luck than good management touched his lips with her own. He jerked back as if he tasted the spider's poison, then he tipped his head forward before he could loose her, tried to say something against the sweet shut mouth, and in trying
to answer she parted it. Her body seemed to loose all its bones, become fluid, a warm melting darkness; one of his arms was clamped round her waist, the other across her back with its hand on her skull, in her hair, holding her face up to his as if frightened she would go from him in that very moment, before he could grasp and catalogue this unbelievable presence who was Meggie.

 Eric and Sookie/ Club Dead / Charlaine Harris

“How grateful are you?” he whispered, his mouth hovering over mine. His eyes were very alert now, and his gaze was boring into mine.
“That kind of ruins it, when you say something like that,” I said, trying to keep my voice gentle. “You shouldn’t want me to have sex with you just because I owe you.” “I don't really care why you have sex with me, as long as you do it,” he said, equally. His mouth was on mine then. Try as I might to stay detached, I wasn't too successful. For one thing, Eric had had hundreds of years to practice his kissing technique, and he'd used them to good advantage.
I snuck my hands up to his shoulders and I am ashamed to say I responded. AS sore and tired as my body was, it wanted what it wanted,
and my mind and will were running far behind.

Chess and Terrible / Unholy Ghosts / Stacia Kane

Chess didn’t know how it happened. It didn't even make any sense that it would have happened. She lifted her hand to his chest, hard and hot beneath the black fabric of his shirt. She opened her mouth and looked up at him, ready to say something — to thank him, or to ask what time he’d pick her up in the morning, or just to make some sort of joke. 

But nothing came out. Nothing came out, because her eyes met his and it felt like he’d looked all the way through her. Nothing came out because her back was slammed against the wall and her arms were wrapped around his neck and his lips were on hers, ruthless and tender and demanding all at once, and now she really was flying, up toward the ceiling, out of the building. Lust exploded through her body, as if he’d somehow flipped a switch when his hands found the small of her back. Nothing existed in her head but Terrible, his tongue now sliding into her mouth with a skill she never would have expected, his fists gripping the back of her shirt and pulling her even closer to the monolithic wall of his body, as if they could fuse together from the heat and pressure between them.

 Mac and Barrons / Shadowfever / Karen Marie Moning

He was gone. No longer standing in front of me. The bookstore seemed empty and I looked around, wondering where he’d gone so quickly and why. Had he melted up against a bookcase, faded into a drape, wrapped himself around a pillar?
Suddenly there was a fist in my hair, behind me, pulling my head back, arching my spine up from the sofa. He closed his mouth over mine and pushed his tongue in, forcing teeth wide. I grabbed his arm, but as sharply as he had my head back, all I could do was steady myself.
Fever Moon
He wrapped his other had around my neck, forcing my chin higher, kissing me more deeply, harder, keeping me from resisting. Not that I wanted to. Heart slamming in my chest, my legs moved apart. There are different kinds of kisses. I’d thought I’d experienced them all, if not prior to coming to Dublin, certainly after months of being Pri-ya, in bed with this man. This was a new one. All I could do was hold on to his arm and survive. “Kiss” wasn’t the right word at all. He fused us together — my jaws so wide, I couldn’t even kiss him back. I could only take what he was doing to me. I felt the sharp slide of fangs over my tongue as he sucked it into his mouth.

Done and kissed by Merit and Katherine Z Barrons


  1. OHMYGOD. I FLOVE THIS POST. HARD. And FYI, there should be a warning before that Gandy gif!

    1. Thanks Zee, lol sorry dear, you are right about the Gandy gif...

  2. I love this post. You had me when you mentioned the The Thorn Birds. Loved the book. Loved the mini series.

  3. Thank you,The Thorn Birds, yes one of my earliest loves,both the book and the mini series.

  4. I looooove this post! And I concur about the Gandy gif...seriously!

    I have not thought of The Thorn Birds in decades, but count me as another fan of both book and miniseries. I'm gonna have to dig that out and watch it again.

    And GWTW is just a given. An absolute classic.


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