On the Fourth Day of Sauciness

My true love gave to me:

Four Supporting Characters

Three Character Cities

Two Painful Endings


One Piece of Gandy Candy

David Gandy for August Man Magazine (Malaysia)

As much as I love the leads we read about (and believe me I do), the books just wouldn't be the same with out some of the epic side players that add that extra zing. Characters we love hearing from, even if it's just a hilarious (albeit bitchy) one liner that stays with us long after we put the book away. Or just a character that made such an impression during the course of the story that we would pretty much pay to read more about them. 

1) Gabriel Keene from Chloe Neill's Chicagoland Vampires

"The most alpha of the alphas.." as one of my other favorites, Jeff, says. Gabe made an impact on me from his very first scene. He has such presence on page. There have been times when he has addressed the pack that his wonderful speeches have moved me and given me chills. My love for him rivals my love for Ethan, and I would beg Ms. Neill on bloody knees for more Gabriel in the books.

Alpha Gabe has a lethal effect on me
"Gabriel was tall, broad-shouldered, intensely masculine. Thick, sun-streaked blond brown hair reached his shoulders. His confidence was obvious in the bearing of his shoulders, the swagger in his step.... He was handsome, almost fiercely so, amber eyes shining, almost drowsily powerful. This was a man who had proven all he needed to prove and was now intent on action, on leading his people, protecting his people."

2)Pam Ravenscroft from Charlaine Harris's Southern Vampire Mysteries

"Alice in wonderland with fangs," as Sookie often describes her vampire bff. I have yet to meet a single person who doesn't adore Pam. Snark and all. Even Ms. Harris admits she loves writing for Pam, and it shows. I love everything about her, from her deceptively innocent appearance, to her loyalty for Sookie and Eric, her joy in teasing Eric about practically everything (especially his feelings for Sookie) and her penchant for dressing like a soccer mom during off hours. Even broken limbs and battered pride don't stop this vamp from being epic!   
"Can I help you?" "No," she said bitterly, "I prefer to drag myself across the hardwood floor."
Pam had the palest, straightest blond hair you ever saw; in fact, she was ethereally lovely, with a kind of deadly edge. The deadly edge was what a person shouldn't forget.

3) Lor from Karen Marie Moning's Fever series and Iced 

We all love naughty Lor ;)

Ah Lor, I wasn't a fan in Fever, but in Iced, I fell in love. He was DELIGHTFUL! With a capital D. His sense of humor and playfulness really had me laughing out loud at times. What can I say? I love a man who can laugh in the face of pretty much anything, and manage to be a smartass at the most inopportune moments. More Lor please, Ms. Moning! And don't hold the smartassery!

"It happens when I get excited." "Now there's a thought," Lor says.

4) Christian MacKeltar from Ms.Moning's Fever series and Iced

Who hasn't loved Christian since his first appearance in Fever? And who on earth didn't wonder what "God made women and well-hung Scotsmen for" after Shadowfever? You get to know Christian better in Iced, and feel a myriad of emotions for him. You will feel a little creeped out by him, wary of his intentions, sympathize with him, your heart will ache for him and watching him fight a losing battle with Unseelie madness will move you and sadden you. But what had me safely in Christian's corner in Iced was his willingness to sacrifice anything to keep Dani safe, to somehow get her beloved sword back to her and, in the end, to sacrifice himself just so she wouldn't have to choose between which two evils to fight.

Oh Christian *sigh*

"Your sword, my lady. I would have razed heaven and earth to get it back for you."
"Christian sacrificed himself because I couldn't make up my mind."


  1. Christian...I love you so. I really loved all of your choices actually Zee. I adore all of those characters.

    1. Thanks Anne :) I really adore these characters. I also love Jeff and Lindsay from CLV. and Nix from IAD. And Maximus from Once Burned (I'm keeping my fingers crossed for his own book) But had to pick four!

  2. I love your choices,Especially Gabriel Keene,The most alpha of the alphas..yes! he is.

    1. Thanks Merit! I do flove Gabe! He is definitely my favorite!

  3. I love this Zee, especially Pam, Lor and Christian. Pam I think has the ultimate one liners.


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