On the Ninth Day of Sauciness

My true love gave to me:

Nine Naughty Excerpts

Eight Most Wanted Novels

Two Painful Endings


One Piece of Gandy Candy

Spring/Summer 2011 Mode ShortList Magazine


Night Huntress – Jeaniene Frost

“I should assure you that in bed you have nothing to prove to me, or that I’ve never enjoyed making love to anyone more, but only a fool passes up what you just offered me. Now, I am short on some props, and there isn’t nearly enough time in one night to run through all the ways I’ve fantasized about taking you, but I promise you this…” His voice deepened.
“You’ll be scandalized in the morning when you can think again.” – Bones

Outlander - Diana Gabaldon:

"Looks as though it was a hard ride, Sassenach," he said, lightly touching a blue bruise on my inner thigh. "A bit saddle-sore, are ye?"
I narrowed my eyes and traced a deep bite-mark on his shoulder with my finger.
"You look a bit ragged around the edges yourself, my lad."
"Ah, weel," he said in broad Scots, "if ye bed wi' a vixen, ye must expect to get bit." He reached up and grasped me behind the neck, pulling me down to him. "Come here to me, vixen. Bite me some more." – Jamie

Southern Vampire Mysteries - Sookie Stackhouse - Charlaine Harris

“Eric, when I’m back to being myself, I’m going to nail your ass for putting me in this position of being pledged to you.”
“Darling, you can nail my ass anytime,” he said charmingly, and turned to go back to his table." – Sookie and Eric, Dead and Gone

Broken- Megan Hart

“My skin had gone pink from the hot water and arousal. I looked down over the curve of my breasts and belly to where my hands moved between my legs. I wanted more than my own hands there. I wanted Joe’s mouth on me. I wanted to feel him lick the soft, wet slit of my cunt, feel that smile on my clit. I wanted him to fuck me with his mouth until I came.” – Sadie

Downside Ghosts.- Stacia Kane

“Aye.” He leaned in to bite her neck; she shivered.“But mine’s got thicker walls, dig, an I plan on makin you scream a few times afore we get to sleeping.” – Terrible

Fever – Karen Marie Moning

"I needed rough, hard, fast sex, followed by hours and hours of slow and intimately thorough fucking." – Mac

Chicagoland Vampires – Chloe Neill

“You’ll be wearing nothing but your Cadogan medal and a smile, Sentinel.” – Ethan

Fish and Chips - Abigail Roux

"I can't make you do anything," he said before sighing. " But I can't fuck you so soon after you sucked my brains out through my dick." – Zane

Angels' Blood - Nalini Singh

"I'll give you a choice."....
"Either I splay you out on the table and drive my cock into you, or-"
"-or?" She wanted to snuggle up to him, taste the tendons in his neck.
"Or, I splay you out on the table and lick you to your pleasure, then drive into you." – Raphael

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