On the Second Day of Sauciness

My true love gave to me:

Two Painful Endings


One Piece of Gandy Candy

via scatterations.tumblr.com

1.  Divide & Conquer, Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux
"Walls are closing in. . ."

2.  Dreamfever, Karen Marie Moning
"I stared at the person who lay dead on the floor of the forest.
The person I'd helped kill.
Now I'd lost everything."


  1. Yep, those are both tough ones. Good choices! Especially Ty & Zane. Love those boys.

  2. Love your choices Veronica. They are perfect.

  3. Didn't read (yet) D&C, but I love your Dreamfever choise,Heart stopping end.

  4. I would have just died if I'd had to wait a year after Dreamfever to find out what happened next. Just died. One of the best (meaning cruelest) endings ever!

  5. I was lucky I came late to both series, and the next book for both had already been published. I don't know how people survived the wait for the next book for either D&C or Dreamfever.

  6. Love these two choices! So glad I had the next book in hand for them too!


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