What the Wenches Are Reading

Amanda: I can't let go of Iced just yet. I am just so delighted with this book! It is SO funny, I adore the characters, and the ending...I could read the last 15% over and over again.

Anne: I have had no time to read in the past three weeks. So, I'm still on Pride and Prejudice. I am making progress on A Storm of Swords, since I listen to that on my commute.

Angela: I've read The Flesh Cartel part 2. Very interesting. I need to know that everything is going to be okay. I will blame Amanda for getting me into this if things don't go my way. Also started Chasing Magic by Stacia Kane. Is it just me or are the deaths getting gorier?

Barbara: I had planned to try and juggle Shadowfever (since I didn't finish it this time), Outlander (since I caved to peer pressure last week), and Smoke and Mirrors, a collection of short stories by Neil Gaiman. But I became so engrossed in Outlander that Shadowfever fell by the wayside. I have read a few of the shorts in Smoke and Mirrors, though, and I'm guessing I'll be done with Outlander by the time this posts. Since I cannot put it down!

Beta: Surprisingly.. not... I'm still reading Outlander, and so far I love it and have the hardest time putting it down when I get the chance to read it. Some of the ladies might say I'm a wee bit too excited about this when I've once or twice shared my thoughts on the book.... I'm sure I don't know what they are talking about.... ;)

Donna: I'm reading short stories from Stephen King's Different Seasons. I just finished Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption, and I've started The Body. These two novellas were adapted for the screen into two critically-acclaimed films, The Shawshank Redemption and Stand By Me. I'm planning to include them in an upcoming post.

Katherine: As much as I love Anna Karenina, I've dumped her and gone running back to Dublin. The wenches know I can't stay away from the Fever world for too long, and ICED is calling me, again.

Kathi: Finished rereading Justin Cronin's post-viral-vampire-apocalyptic thriller The Passage, but decided to take a quick break for something lighter before diving into the sequel. Read Megan Hart's Dirty (which instantly took my mind off the apocalypse!!), then started Neil Gaiman's highly imaginative and slightly disturbing short story collection, Smoke and Mirrors.

Merit: Rereading the Valerie Dearborn series by Caroline Hanson. First I read Love is Darkness, and now I'm reading the second, Love is Fear, in preparation for the third and final (I think) one, Love is Mortal, which came out on Nov 15th. I almost forgot how much enjoyed this series; when I read a book and feel a genuine interest in what will happen next, I know it’s a good one.

Olga: Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews. I'm moving forward. :) I loved Kate Daniels the first time, but this reread is so much sweeter. And I love Curran, too. Just sayin'.

Shau: Finished Lords of Deliverance book 4, Rogue Rider, by Larissa Ione. Right now I'm not reading anything.

Veronica: I've gone back to Caught Running by Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux now that Fever/Iced madness is over. It's about two guys who are teaching at their former small-town high school. What a fascinating and bizarre dynamic, to be a teacher at your old school? Oh, and of course, because one is a former "jock" and one is a former "nerd," I'm certain at any point they are going to have sex and fall in love (after much angst, of course).

Zee: Have had NO time to read this week. Been busy and tired. Finished most of my rereads and book browsing though, that have to do with my next post (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Chicagoland Vampires, Fever, Downside Ghosts). And started a reread of one of my favorite series EVER, Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan today. I want to start the second book of the Outlander series though. Hopefully this week!


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