What the Wenches Are Reading

Amanda: Dudes. I finished Iced, and Karen Marie Moning is a fecking genius!

Anne: I'm still in the midst of Pride and Prejudice. I'm also in the middle of A Storm of Swords, and George R.R. Martin broke my heart wide open twice within the span of five chapters. Damn him!

Angela: A bit of a slow reading week this week. The Christmas madness has started in my part of the world, so can't see much reading between now and Christmas. Read The Flesh Cartel Part 1, and I have to say, it was so naughty that I'm kinda shocked I liked it.

Barb: I'm still in the middle of Shadowfever, but I also succumbed to peer pressure and started Outlander. I just started it, so I don't have an opinion yet.

Beta: Reading Outlander and liking it so far. These books are pretty long and I'm guessing it will take awhile finishing the first one, let alone all the others, so don't be surprised if I am repeating myself here next week. ;)

Donna: Continuing in my stalking of Amazon (a girl's gotta shop!), I found another book that made the "Best of" list for 2012. I just finished Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn. This is a dark, suspenseful, twisty tale of Nick and Amy, a young married couple who move from New York City to Missouri when Nick's beloved mother is diagnosed with cancer. When Amy disappears on their fifth wedding anniversary, suspicion falls on Nick. I admit it, I Googled to find out some spoilers, because I didn't know who to root for.

Katherine: Week three of Anna Karenina! Had to take a break for Thanksgiving.

Kathi: I'm still reading The Passage by Justin Cronin. The Thanksgiving holidays slowed me down.

Merit: Didn't know what to read, so I found this book: The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa, the first book in the Blood of Eden series (YA). Set in a future U.S.A, vampires reign and humans are blood cattle. 17-year-old Allison Sekemoto is a strong main character; the world building is very good. I'll be honest, I was thinking of putting the book down after a couple of chapters, but I remembered my experience with the first Downside Ghosts book and continued reading. I don't regret it; the story is interesting enough, her struggle (and I will not say more unless you want a spoiler) is compelling. The scenery reminded me of Downside Ghosts and there is an echo of other stories here and there. In the end, it turned out to be a good story.

Olga: Still on Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews. But that's because I had to rummage through so many of my favorite series for a future post at the same time.

Veronica: I finally finished Iced over the Thanksgiving break. I'm in between books right now and taking a break by checking out some fan fiction. Still trying to decide what to read next.

Zee: I finished the first Outlander book and will be picking up the second any day now (the second I get a chance). So far, no strong feelings about it. Like Claire, really like Jamie, and the story is interesting too. Still curious as to why there are SO many books in the series, but going to find out!


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