What the Wenches Are Reading

Amanda: I have had very little extra time to read this week, so I've been reading our wonderful Saucy Wenches blog. I have also been reading The Flesh Cartel, episodes 1 & 2. It's not for the faint of heart, but it is gripping.   

Anne: I'm eagerly anticipating the next Alex Cross book being released on the 12th. Until then, I'm just browsing in past reads for my next post.

Angela: This week I'm still on Dragonfly in Amber. Real life is making it a slow reading week at present. Hope to churn though in in the next week.

Barbara: Still working on Shadowfever. I'm in that place, after reading Iced, where I'm having a hard time concentrating on any book. Plus it's cold enough to knit, and I can't knit and read at the same time. :)

Beta: Still reading Iced which I'm loving more and more with every "page" I turn. What can I say, KMM is a fecking genius!

Donna: I just finished reading some Jessica Bird's romance books that have recently been re-released (The Rebel and The Player). In case you don't know, Jessica Bird is also known as J. R. Ward. She is mega famous for her Black Dagger Brotherhood and Fallen Angels series. My review of the latest in the Fallen Angels series, Rapture, will soon be ready, and I wanted to learn another side of this awesome writer.

Kat: I am taking a break from my usual reading and will start Anna Karenina this week. Good Morning America aired a piece about the film version being released later on this year and I want to re-read it before it comes out!

Kathi: I finally got around to reading Broken by Megan Hart and Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost, and I loved both of them! I am not sure what I'll read next--I tend to read slowly and have many books to choose from on my To Be Read list. And no matter what I think I'll read, I tend to go with my mood when there's nothing I feel like I have to read, and there's never any predicting what that will be!

Naomi: I have just started Tempest Rising by Nicole Peeler. Too early to comment but it looks imteresting. After I finished reading Iced I couldn't read anything else for almost a week, had to think about it, so only now started this one.

Olga: Still reading Karen Marie Moning's Highlander series and enjoying it a little more than I'd expected. The Highlander's Touch (Highlander, #3) is way better than the second book in the series, at least in my opinion, and I like this version of Adam. By the time this is published I will be deep in a re-read of the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews for my upcoming post about Curran's "Alphaness".

Veronica: Still reading Iced. I'm only about halfway through. What can I say? It's an amazing book and I'm dying to find out what happens next. But I've only been getting about an hour of reading time per day (if that) since it came out. It's Sunday morning as I type this, so I hope to make a serious dent in it today.

Zee: Rereading Downside Ghosts by Stacia Kane. And some trashy romance by Amanda Quick. Not quite as entertaining as I'd thought it would be, but interesting. Have just moved the Outlander series to my Kindle to read!


  1. Dirty by Megan Hart. God I love Ella and Dan!

  2. Zee, I use to read Amanda Quick sometimes (and the like) before I discovered m/m. Very breezy reads for one sitting I found. Blushing as I just admited yes I have read trashy romance books.

    1. Lol I love my occasional trashy romance Angela. It's like junk food in books! Nothing wrong with indulging occasionally :p

  3. I love the mix of books all of you are trading. Happy to see ICED a lot.

  4. Thanks Braine. We are quite a diverse bunch. What types of books do you like. I love paranormal and fantasy generally. Explains why Iced was right up my alley.


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