My Foray into M/M Romances

I've always thought of myself as a free-thinker. Someone who couldn't care less about another person's sexual orientation, someone who admired another person's willingness to be themselves. I am still that way, I just never expected to enjoy reading about it so much!

I was presented with an m/m book series one day from a fellow Wench and I thought... nah, not for me. It's just not my thing. I had nothing against it. I was sure the stories were good and the sex hot, but I didn't think I'd care to read a novel about two guys in a relationship instead of the standard m/f romances I've grown to love. Boy, was I wrong.

I discovered a whole new world of m/m romances that, for me, completely put standard romances to shame. I started with the Cut and Run series by Abigail Roux and Madeleine Urban. Fellow Wench Amanda gave this to me, and it took me a while to start reading it. She explained it was about two alpha males, and I thought, how would that work? Two very tough, manly men getting it on? I just didn't see it being realistic enough to be believable. But I gave it a shot anyway. I was out of reading options at the time and I figured, why not? She couldn't stop gushing about how awesome these books were, and that's when I knew I had to give them a try.

Let me tell you... I LOVED it.

Lately I've been wondering why I started loving m/m books. There are no women involved in the relationship (well, maybe their past relationships, sometimes), so why would I, a woman who likes men, care about two guys falling in love? We don't have penises and a large majority of us are straight, so why the m/m attraction? Part of me thinks it has to do with the fact that (A) the guys in the books are always hot, gorgeous men. What's not to like about that? And (B) they just seem to understand each other better than a woman and a man ever could.

Think about it. Men and women are so far apart mentally that it's a wonder how some couples stay in relationships. Now, that's not saying men and women can't ever be together, because obviously they can. I've been married to my husband for 16 years, and while I love him to death and he completes me, there are times we just don't understand each other. At all. And we're okay with that. It's just hard to correctly interpret what we are trying to say to each other at times because of our differences. Hence the whole "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" thing. It's the truth. Preach it, sister! Or in this case... man!

Don't get me wrong, I still read standard m/f romances. In fact, I plan to read one soon, and while I keep hearing good things about this book, I'm still very 'meh' about it. Frankly, if two guys aren't in it, I just don't seem to care as much now.

Basically, men just get each other. Men know other men. How they talk, act, think, etc. Add when two hot men who share a love of not only the same sport, but the same team, get together, well, you get the idea. Fireworks galore! :-D

Right now I'm diving into some m/m fan fic that's wonderfully fantastic. One in particular actually ruined me for all sexual scenes in any book, like, ever. It's the Homework series by nyxocity. It's on Seriously super hot, especially if you're a fan of the tv show Supernatural, like myself. Once you read it, you'll see why.

It also led me to be probably the biggest shipper ever of Destiel. If you aren't familiar with Destiel, it's the fans' name for the characters on the show: Dean (hint, he's the first gif at the top of this post) and Castiel. And if you're still confused, just enter Destiel in a search on tumblr and you'll see why. Don't say I didn't warn you. Oh, and you're welcome.

There are also other fan fics pertaining to Supernatural, if Destiel doesn't float your boat. Just an FYI.

Also, I recently just finished a book called Hot Head by Damon Suede, which is about two NYC firefighters. Umm, yeah. I think the name says it all. Needless to say, my attitude toward alpha men as the romantic heroes has now changed and I am a believer after all. I normally don't like to be proven wrong, but in this case, I'm cool with it. ;-)

So for all you non-believers out there who think that this type of literature just isn't your cup of tea, I say give it a try! My favorite motto is, "Don't knock it until you try it." I usually say that about food, but in this case, I'm making m/m book reading an exception. ;-)

For fans of m/m romances, what enticed you to try them? Did a certain book catch your eye? Those of you who have not read m/m romances yet... would you consider giving one a try if it was suggested to you? Even if it wasn't your thing?


  1. Of course Amanda initiated me into the M/M World. Why have I read it you ask? Because she never before disappointed with her book recommendations. I read Cut&Run first and I loved it. I couldn't believe I could get all hot and bothered with a m/m book sex scene. But boy, did I ever!
    Who hasn't read a m/m romance yet, shouldn't go saying "Not my cup of tea." Take a taste of the damn tea, you might like it. Just saying.

  2. I do have Ty and Zane on my list, some Ty lines that you guys have shared have me LOL.

    But from all the same sex couples I have known, two guys or two girls, being in a relationship is just as complicated as being in a straight one. Realistically speaking all romantic relationships take work. As for understanding another man as a man, or a woman as a woman for that matter.. well..isn't that just a part of any good friendship too? same as people liking the same team or sport.. people with common interests become great friends.

    I'm still not exactly sure on what makes this BETTER than m/f as a reader. But I'm willing to give it a try :)

  3. Cut & Run was my first. And I'm still questioning my descent into the world of Supernatural fan fiction thanks to that Homework series. :) But seriously, you don't even have to watch the show to enjoy the Homework series. It's that good.

  4. Awesome, awesome, awesome article, Jaym! But I'm biased too because that is about exactly the same path that I took down m/m lane. :) Of course, I started with Qhuay and the BDB series, but Cut & Run was the first male/male book that I read. But like just about everyone else I am one that never thought I'd like reading about two men together either, and now... I haven't read quit reading m/m stuff for about 7 months now. I keep meaning to read Once Burned, or Iced, or Deadlocked, and a ton of other great books that I keep hearing about and then I get pulled back into books like the Cut & Run series, Hot Head, Tigers and Devils, the Special Forces series, and more especially into Sterek or Destiel fanfictio...and can't stop reading them and obsessing about them because they're so awesome. :D think I might be giving you a run on that biggest Destiel shipper title. ;) The poor people that follow me on Tumblr that don't ship Destiel...I almost felt sorry for them after that last episode with all the Destiel stuff I was reblogging. I just can't seem to help myself though...I love, love, love, love Dean and Cas and their profound bond.

    1. LOL, of course, I'm sure we're not the only biggest Destiel shipper fans out there. In my mind, I think I am. Haha! :-p

  5. Excellent post Jaym. I loved it and my path started much the same why with BDB - Qhuinn and Blay and then Cut and Run. Up until that point I didn't even know there was m/m to read. I have read a lot of f/m romance in my time and kind of think I've switched one for the other. I didn't think I would enjoy it either, but I was so wrong.

    I think that any relationship is complex whether it is f/m or m/m. What I enjoy reading about m/m is yes the men are hot and just the idea of two, hot, alpha men together makes me I guess salivate would be the appropriate word. Plus if the men are alpha, cops, firemen, sports you have pretty much got me snagged in m/m.

    I loved Hot Head / Tigers and Devils. My all time favourite, and I would say on par with Cut and Run is Special Forces, especially Soliders.

    As for the fanfic Homework. I haven't read anything hotter. It's a standard for panty melting that might be hard to equal.

    1. I just finished the last few Homework stories this weekend.


      Well, then. Not only is it the standard for panty melting, but the characters are about as real for me as Ty & Zane. Beautiful story. And hot. As hell.

  6. Thanks guys!

    You know, I still haven't read much m/m books... Yet. I read the above mentioned and that was it. I am going to start reading the Destiel fanfic soon. I can't wait! :-D

  7. I love this post, Jaym! You did a great job of telling what your attraction to m/m is, and they pretty well match my feelings too.

    Like some of you, I got my m/m start shipping Qhuinn & Blay (Qhuay) from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. They rocked my world and all they've done is share a kiss! Thank goodness their HEA is coming 3/26/2013! After reading BDB and loving Qhuay, my first reaction to m/m was to run the other way. I *knew* that if I read any m/m, I would get addicted. So, despite book recs from some very respected Qhuay lovers, I wouldn't touch it. Finally, I gave in and read Cut & Run, 6 months ago. I'm still not over them. Ty & Zane are almost a part of my daily life. I've read a little more m/m since then, and tbh, I'm fighting the impending addiction.

    Other than Cut & Run, I highly recommend Channeling Morpheus by Jordan Castillo Price. Also, Hot Head by Damon Suede is a top pick---you'll read it in 2 days, max, and you will not be sorry. :P

  8. Loved this Jaym! I've only read Cut & Run, but I am absolutely obsessed with them. I am dying to re-read them, but other books keep getting released!

    I heard several Wenches talking about Ty & Zane for awhile, but like you Jaym, I brushed it off as not my thing. But, then I heard that several Wenches picture Zane as Joe Manganiello and, being the Joe slut that I am, I had to read them. I was hooked!

  9. So much awesome, I don't even know where to start. You KNOW how I feel, and three cheers for bringing m/m to the forefront! Great job, Jaym.


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