Quote of the Day

Made by Olga Daniels

Special Agent B. Tyler Grady
Divide & Conquer
by Madeleine Urban & Abigail Roux


  1. Lol, I want to read the book from that quote alone!

    1. Krista, these books are so funny, a lot of action, and the most endearing characters I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

      If you want to read it, start with the first book in the series, Cut & Run. This quote is from the 4th book.

  2. A-effin-,mazing quote!!! My favorite Cut & Run book so far. I know, Amanda you'll say that there's a lot of Nick "Fuck Him" O'Flaherty, but I still do.

    1. LOL Yeah, this book is the least fave of mine in the whole series, but still a 5 star book. Too much drama hurt my heart. :( Many people say this one is their favorite, though!

      ...and yeah, fucking Nick...


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