Game of Thrones Man Candy-- Dearly Departed Edition

Here I am again! Bringing you delicious Man Candy from Wench favorite, Game of Thrones. I've already featured Game of Thrones men still among the living. Check that out here! This one features characters that have gone on to the great beyond. Dead on the show, I should clarify. None of us know, yet, what will happen in the last two books. Did you hear that George RR Martin? We don't have the last two books yet! Keep writing! Anyway, stay with me after the break to see some yummy Game of Thrones actors. And, here is your obligatory spoiler warning. This post will reveal some details of this past season! Wench Angela, you've been warned.

Let's start with everyone's favorites, the Stark men.

Eddard "Ned" Stark aka Sean Bean
I always lose my head over Sean Bean. (Too soon?)

Look at him. Stupid rugged bastard.
Even hurt he's still handsome.

He is just so rugged and handsome.
That smile, those crows feet....

Yeah, laugh it up, you know just what you're doing to us, don't you?

Robb Stark aka Richard Madden
Maybe don't marry this one, but he is pretty.

So stoic. So pretty.
I love his hair. 
Look at this beautiful motherfucker.
His eyes are just ridiculously blue. It's breathtaking.
Those captivating.

Khal Drogo aka Jason Mamoa
Everyone's favorite Dothraki.
That smirk and the beard, I can't even with him.

Long or short haired, he is beautiful.

He's so tall... and tall...
He is just stunning.

You are welcome, Readers.
Loras Tyrell aka Finn Jones
The pretty boy soldier.

Look at those curls!
I have a weakness for beards.

He is gorgeous. There is no doubt.

You're killing me, Smalls!!
If only that were me....
Renly Baratheon aka Gethin Anthony
The most attractive Baratheon.
He's so attractive!

I don't know what it is about him.

His features are so perfect.

Look at his lips, fucking sinful!

Don't give me that look, you gorgeous creature.

Oberyn Martell aka Pedro Pascal
I wouldn't mind seeing his sand snake. (I feel like I should apologize for that joke. But, I'm not going to.)

His jawline is insane.
You sly, beautiful bastard.

Just look at him...

Such talented hands....just sayin'.

And, finally, one not so dearly departed...

Ramsay Snow Bolton aka Iwan Rheon
Damn this psychotic bastard for being good looking. 

Why? Why did they have to make him pretty?

He couldn't have been ugly outside, too....

So brooding, and fucking hot.
Ok, this one is fucking adorable.

The man is a total psycho, but god damn!

Well, that concludes the Game of Thrones Man Candy! Did I miss any of your favorites? Let me know below!


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