Quote of the Day

He pulled away. His eyes were glazed with lust, underscored by something that looked an awful lot like... resignation? "Of course. I knew from the moment I heard your name." 

Skeptical, she cocked her head. "Before you even saw me? How'd you know I didn't gain three hundred pounds and a hunchback over the last decade?" 

His lips twisted. "I met you when you were chubby and had frizzy hair and acne." 

A gasp escaped her lips. So she'd had a bit of an awkward phase. Bringing it up now was hardly gentlemanly. "Shut up, Caine." 

"My point is, I wanted you then. I still want you now. When I walked away from you all those years ago, I knew that wanting would never stop." He tucked a strand of hair - sleek, not frizzy hair, thank you very much - behind her ear. "Prettiness helps, Tatiana, but you and me? It's always been more. We're like a moth and a flame." 

"Who's the  moth?" 

"Who cares?"

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