Fangirl Friday: Air Conditioning!

Okay, so it's summer. Wonderful, warm summer. Even better, it's summer in Canada, so the thought is... well, rather springlike, right? How warm can it really get? How warm is thirty-seven degrees anyway?

I'm originally from the Chicago suburbs. It got toasty, sure, but not horrible, and certainly not bad once you factor in having A/C. Then I moved. I moved far away to SW Ontario. I moved in 2004. I lost central air. I had no air conditioning at all for several years, then had a single window unit for the bedroom for several more. Then we moved to where we are now, and learned that while we could have an A/C in the bedroom and one in the kitchen, we couldn't do both and still have electricity.

Imagine, if you will, how this went down: It's brutally warm out (85*+) and I'm sitting in my sunny living room trying to coax a breeze through the house, and the mailbox goes thunk. Fine. I check the mailbox, and it's a notice from the complex... they're replacing the furnace. With a brand new unit that has central air conditioning. This news. Oh, this news.

I love our air conditioner. It's been installed a whopping two months now, and I love it so very much. My living room is almost always around 75*, my bedroom is similar, and despite the days well into the nineties (seriously, there were days it was hotter here than in some desert-type areas!), humidex on the plus side of 110, we've not had to resort to having the shower running with a fan just to keep from overheating.

Even better has been the power bill. I was expecting that to go through the roof, what with it being summer and hot and running the air and... Apparently, no! Our power usage, and therefore bill, has gone DOWN since moving from window units to central air, and we're all happier for it. This summer has been one of the hottest in probably 10 years, and the timing on the furnace replacement and return of my central air is the number one thing I'm fangirling about this summer!


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