Fangirl Friday : BBC's Coupling

I knew I had a Fangirl post due, but was running low on inspiration. I happened to go through a bunch of old DVDs to find something cheerful to rewatch and came across Coupling. Which is probably one of my favorite TV shows ever, and something I have the happiest memories of watching with my best friend over the years, and after introducing it to my siblings and other friends, more rewatches than most other comedies series I've watched. 

Click through so I can tell you just a few reasons why Coupling is something you should definitely at least TRY watching, especially when you're in the mood for some top notch comedy. 
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If you're ever in the mood for some good old fun, with a whole lot of inappropriateness thrown in, Coupling is the show for you. My only issue with it was that it didn't last nearly as long as I would have liked, which I usually love about British TV but in this case I wanted more! 

Coupling follows the absolute madness of the dating lives of 6 friends. 2 of them have their first date in the first episode, Steve and Susan, and they both have just broken up with Jane and Patrick who are also a part of the group, and their respective best friends, Jeff and Sally. The group first gets together in the first episode, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Steve and Susan may seem, on the surface, to be the "normal" ones. But they really aren't. Between Steve's epic monologues on absolutely ridiculous topics, ranging from porn to bathroom locks, to Susan's uncharacteristic insecurities that pop up at weird times to her very open minded parents, there are lots of laughs to be had at the expense of the main couple. 

Steve can't get over how open
 Susan and her family are about sex. 
Sally and Patrick have my favorite dynamics. The lefty and the Tory! I totally get her consternation at being attracted to him. The way they eventually evolve and get together despite Sally's issues and Patrick's past is hilarious and heartwarming.

(Patrick mistakes that for a compliment.)
Finally, we have Jane and Jeff. The funniest, and definitely least "normal" of the characters. Jeff's wild theories are usually the main joke of each episode, till it turns out he's actually right quite often when it comes to his ideas. It's hard not to love him. Even when he's being a "disgustoid in human form". His theories cover everything. From men, women, sex and dating, to funerals, office politics, and other every day topics. A personal favorite is the "giggle loop!"
Funeral humor, not strictly tasteful,
yet accurate and hilarious.
Jane, Steve's ex, sometimes feels like the outsider of the group. Her obvious affection for Steve can get a bit sad. But her brand of crazy overshadows EVERYTHING else about her. Even when you sympathize with her, it's hard not to laugh, occasionally while rolling your eyes at something she's said or done.  

There really isn't a lot more I can say without talking about specific story lines. And I don't want to do that! You need to do yourselves a favor and watch this in all it's glory. From Steve's rants about cushions and sofas:

To Sally occasionally (accidentally) vocalizing her inner thoughts:

To the non linear story lines, the split screen views of a breakup, and my absolute favorite thing, the same story perceived COMPLETELY differently by the men and the women:

To just the simplest topic being a source of amusement to the characters themselves as well as the audience, it's just impossible not to love this show!

Hope you'll give Coupling a chance, Saucy Readers! Happy Watching!

ps- imo this is the best stuff Steven Moffat has ever written. THIS is his genre. I guess limitations help him be his best. 


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