Game of Thrones Man Candy: The Living Edition

I don't know about you, Saucy Readers, but I am a huge fan of Game of Thrones and it's book equivalent, A Song of Ice and Fire. I am also a fan of hot men. So, for this Fangirl Friday, I am combining the two. I actually had so many men listed from this show, that I had to break it into two different parts. This one features characters that are still alive. Still alive on the show, I should clarify. None of us know, yet, what will happen in the last two books. Did you hear that George RR Martin? We don't have the last two books yet! Keep writing! Anyway, stay with me after the break to see some delicious Game of Thrones actors. And, here is your obligatory spoiler warning. This post will reveal some details of this past season! Wench Angela, you've been warned.

Let's jump right in!!

Jon Snow aka Kit Harington
He can be my Lord Commander any day, even if he is shorter than I am.

Just look at this beautiful bastard.

Ok, I cheated a little this is from Pompeii, but God Damn.

The eyes... the hair...
That smile....

Even covered in muck, he's gorgeous. And a total badass.
Jamie Lannister aka Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
I would gladly have an inappropriate relationship with him.

Just look at him..
A real knight in shining armor....Nikolaj is, I mean. Not so much Jamie.

Look at you, you gorgeous creature.
That smirk just kills me.

You know just what you do to us, don't you?
Tyrion Lannister aka Peter Dinklage
He may be small, but he's a handsome little devil.

I just can't handle his eyes....
I love his don't fuck with me look.
That smile just slays me.

His wit and humor might be my favorite thing about him.
Daario Naharis aka Ed Skrein and Michiel Huisman
This role was recast. Two men, equally hot. You pick your favorite. Ed on the left, Michiel on the right.

Pretty and long haired

Rugged and bearded

No hair and still pretty.
Still rugged and handsome.

That is just down right sinful.
You sly charmer.

Grey Worm aka Jacob Anderson
He might be a eunuch, but he's also a warrior, a beautiful one.
He is so beautiful. Just look at him.
He has such amazing skin, such a lovely color.
You adorable little muffin.
Look at that smirk, you wee little heathen.

And, a skilled fighter to boot. He's a keeper.
Jaqen H'ghar aka Tom Wlaschiha
Odd that a man with such a handsome face plays a Faceless Man.

Look at that jawline. It's ridiculous.

He is stupid attractive, even if he is also a little creepy.
His eyes are just unreal.
He is like an old movie star. Just too attractive.

If you haven't noticed, I'm a sucker for a smirk. 
Jorah Mormont aka Iain Glen
Everyone's favorite protector.

I think his lined face makes him even more attractive. 

His eyes are just hypnotizing.

Older, very attractive Iain.
Younger, crazy hot Iain. Why did I not know he was this hot?

I will take whatever help he wants to give me.

That concludes this edition of Game of Thrones Man Candy. Stay tuned for the Dearly Departed Edition coming soon to a blog near you.

Did I miss any of your favorite living men from Game of Thrones? Let me know below!!


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