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Angela:  This week I read Grave Peril (Dresden Files #3) and what a fun read it was. I plan to continue with the series. One of the pluses of this series for me is it’s wonderful side characters, like Bob, Michael and Thomas. Next I picked up The Dragon’s Path (The Dagger and the Coin #1) by Daniel Abraham and loving it. I’ve had so many wonderful fantasy recommendations come my way this year.  

Anne: I read Abi Roux' The Bone Orchard and Gravedigger's Brawl. I forgot how much I love Gravedigger's. It's so great. Now, I'm purging on Supernatural fanfiction. In the audio book world, I'm about 3/4 done with Written in my own Heart's Blood. I really love this installment.

Barb: I finished Glutton for Pleasure by Alisha Rai, and it was even better than I remembered. Translation: ohmygodsofreakinghotIcanhardlystandit. If you need some amazing smut in your life with a great story to go with it, pick up any Alisha Rai book. And then come back and thank us. After finishing that deliciousness I discovered that Colleen Hoover's latest book released when I wasn't looking, and it's even an adult book, rather than her usual New Adult. Oh happy day. So I started It Ends With Us. I'm only three chapters in but enjoying it so far and looking forward to it ripping my heart out. 

Care: This week has been a flurry of cleaning. One room after another, trying so very hard not to burn out. It may or may not be working. Part of breaktime, however, has been Ghost Story - another Harry Dresden novel - by Jim Butcher. Audio and ebook, I'm really digging the audio, and so far (I'm only a few chapters in) the setup has been really interesting!

Kathi:  First I zipped through The Giver, a short, YA dystopian tale — I’d stumbled across the movie a few months back and been intrigued. Its premise and plot were short and simple, but very effective and thought provoking. I’m a little embarrassed that I’d never heard of this book, because I really love dystopian visions, but it counted as a “book made into a movie” for my reading challenge. Now I’m rereading The Stand, which I originally devoured in 1978 the instant it hit the bookstores. I bought the expanded edition about 25 years ago and have been meaning to read it ever since, so now it fits the “book written during 1976-1980” category for my reading challenge. I’m about 25% through this monstrous (1300+ pages) tome, and Stephen King is still AHHHH-MAZING.           

Merit:  This week I read Shadow Born (Shadows of Salem #1) by Jasmine Walt and Rebecca Hamilton, a new urban fantasy in a very crowded genre. Brooke Chandler, a Chicago PD detective, is desperate to investigate her fiancé’s murder, so she gets a transfer to Salem, where it happened. She knows a few things about the supernatural world, but in fact she is one of the most ignorant characters (in that field) I’ve read about. The story has a mix of new takes on the sups world and some cliché I could live with. At times I felt that her ignorance and her way of jumping head on into dire situations made her a bit immature, just like the story — it’s not a bad one, it was fun reading, but it is a bit unripe. Still, I’ll gladly read the next book in the series.


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