Fangirl friday - The Great British Bake Off

This is a British baking tv show. You watch ordinary people baking the most delicious treats in the world. You learn something new, your waist line seems to expand just by watching them bake, you get a desire to learn how to bake (if you are like me and know nothing about baking), and you conclude that baking must be some kind of alchemy.

For this fangirl Friday I've decided to write about (and fangirl) about the Bake Off. There are a quite few reasons why I love it.

The format. The fact that ordinary people apply just for the sake of winning the title (only the title) of the best baker. It’s amazing. There is no great financial reward, no cars, apartments or such. These people spend their weekend trying to win a title of the best baker.

Diversity. The profile of people applying is amazingly diverse and it shows you real people and how different, yet similar they are.

Judging. These ordinary people are judged on their merits for that particular weekend. The judges never look at their previous successes or failings. All that matters is here and now.

Judges. Paul and Mary. Two complete professionals that know what they are talking about. They know baking like the back of their hand, they share knowledge and they judge fairly. They never insult the contestants and they only judge their performance. They admit when they are amazed and when they learn something new from these amateur bakers.

Mel and Sue. Completely adorable and funny. They have great chemistry with each other and with contestants. Contestants themselves have often said that Mel and Sue are their saviours in the moments of crisis and „baked despair“. They eat the baked good, crack jokes and keep up the moral in the tent.


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