What The Wenches Are Reading.

The Wenches have been doing what we do best and reading all sorts of books this week! Some of us are doing more than a book a time, which is always adventurous! And some of us spent time with one book at a time. 

There are a few new reads, brand new releases, some classics, and some old faves on our lists. Basically, a little bit of everything! You're welcome!

Click through to see what we've been reading! 

Angela: I’m multitasking 3 books at present. Something I very rarely do, but circumstance seems to have meant I’m trying to read these books all at once. I’m reading The Mysterious Affair at Styles (Hercule Poirot #1) by Agatha Christie with my son. The Last Mortal Bond (Chronicles of the Unhewn Throne #3) by Brian Staveley as bedtime reading. Lastly Summer Knight (Dresden Files #4) by Jim Butcher in my lunch break. The Last Mortal Bond has just got really exciting and I’m finding it difficult to put down. I can’t wait to complete this series and see how it all plays out.

Anne: I am living in a Chloe Neill world right now. I'm reading Hard Bitten. I'm only about 80 pages in, but I'm already preparing myself for heartbreak. In the audiobook world, I finished The Veil and started into The Sight. It is making yearn for New Orleans hardcore. January and the Feversong release party can't come soon enough.

Barb: I finished El Diablo, and while it kept me riveted from beginning to end there were serious issues for me. Needless to say, I’m still not sure how I feel about it. Next I tried continuing with Stacia Kane’s latest book (not a Downside book!) Made for Sin, but my mind really wanted to read something else. So I finally broke down and bought the Nook book of I’m Judging You by Luvvie Ajayi and it.is.everything. If you aren’t following Luvvie on all the social medias you should be. And if you have a change to read her book, DO.IT. Look for a review soon, I’m sure. 

Donna: I'm going back to Dublin to restart the Fever series from the very beginning. 

Kathi: This week I crossed the halfway point in rereading Stephen King's The Stand. How can something so disturbing on so many levels keep me so anxious for more? Loving it! Since I barely remember the first time I read it in 1978, and he has added another 400+ pages of disturbing characters to this expanded edition, it's all new to me and I don't know what will happen next!

Merit: There's a little old movie I've watched this week. And then watched it again. It is called: "I Know Where I'm Going" (1945) Joan Webster is an ambitious, headstrong young woman from Manchester, who travels to Scotland's Inner Hebrides to marry her very rich fiancĂ© on the island of Kiloran. Foul weather strands her on the Isle of Mull where she meets a dashing, if somewhat penniless, laird... Yes, it's an ancient romantic movie, with ancient music, in black and white... Add the Scottish harsh weather, the Gaelic language, the ceilidh scene - the social gathering with folk music and dancing, ruined castle with an old curse and you get a pretty wee gem. 

Zee: I was excited about Lauren Blakely's new book, Well Hung, since I LOVED the first two I read, Big Rock and Mister O. Maybe it was my mood, in fact I'm sure it was, but I just didn't connect with the characters like I did in the first two books. Now I'm moving onto something that comes highly recommended from some great authors on twitter, Perv by Dakota Gray. I like the sound of that, ha! I honestly one click bought it because those authors are awesome and I just don't see how they could steer me wrong. We'll see!


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