Quote of the Day

"Do you love me?" he asked, his eyes fixing mine.

This was a little difficult to answer, especially considering what his fingers were doing.  "I love being with you, whether we're having sex or not.  Oh, God, do that again!  I love your body.  I love what we do together.  You make me laugh, and I love that.  I like to watch you do anything."  I kissed him, long and lingeringly.  "I like to watch you get dressed.  I like to watch you undress.  I like to watch your hands when you're doing this to me.  Oh!"  I shuddered all over with pleasure.  When I'd had a moment of recovery, I murmured, "If I asked you the same question, what would your answer be?"

"I would say exactly the same thing,"  Eric said.  "And I think that means I love you.  If this is not true love, it's as close as anyone gets.  Can you see what you do to me?"  He didn't really have to point.  It was pretty damn obvious.

~ Charlaine Harris, Dead in the Family


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