Quote of the Day

Ty is loyal as a...
"Last time I fall for it, O'Flaherty, I swear to God! Next time you call and need help, you're on your own."
"Yeah, tell that to my boat!"
"You shot the holes in it!"
"Strategically! It still floats!"
"I coughed up glitter for a week after Panama, you prick!"
Nick put up both hands to fend off Ty's ranting, but he was laughing too hard to respond again.
"Every fucking time!" Ty shouted before he smacked Nick on the side of the head and stormed off.
Nick doubled over laughing.
"So...how many times has he fallen for that gag?" Zane asked.
Nick gasped and held up his hand, displaying all five fingers. "This makes five!"

~ Abigail Roux, Touch & Geaux


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