Fangirl Fridays – Ty and Zane

It is a well known fact that the Wenches all became friends thanks to our pretty intense fangirling. Without exception, we all bonded over SVM- and Alexander Skarsgard-related fangirling. Ah... memories! In fact, we stay pretty true to the three things on our blog banner: reading, fangirling, and general inappropriateness! You've heard a lot we've had to say on reading, and I'm sure you're used to our general inappropriateness by now! So Head Wench Barb thought it's about time we familiarize you with our fangirling! 

So this first week, we put a little spin on what will be a weekly post in honor of the Touch & Geaux blitz.

Click through to find out why Veronica and Olga are huge fans of Ty and Zane!

A Fangirl Friday Conversation Between
Wench Olga & Wench Veronica

Veronica: Olga! Good to see you!

Olga: Hi, Veronica.

V: Hey, so the Wenches are doing this Fangirl Fridays thing, right? You know how we're always going on about some show, or actor, book, or character to each other, basically fangirling like the Saucy Wenches we are . . . well, why not share the madness with our readers?

O: Oooooo! I know exactly what I want to talk about. And which madness (because you know I have many) I'd like to share.

V: Well, we ARE a blog about fangirling and general inappropriateness. Spill it!

O: Okay, you know that the very best things in life come in pairs. Shoes, earrings, socks. Twix!

V: Of course! And . . .

O: And Ty and Zane! I spend so much time fangirling over Ty and Zane. I mean, imagine a hot man. Naked. Now imagine two hot men.

V: Naked.

O: Naked. Now imagine them having hot, sweaty sex. Oh, yeah! I would take two erections over a single one any day. I don't even miss the women. No. That would only spoil it. No women.

V: Oh, I hear ya, sister. Ever since Ty and Zane entered my life, I can't get enough of them. And them together. Mmmmhmmm. How did you get introduced to Ty and Zane?

O: Wench Amanda was always recommending me books, you know, Fever, BDB, Guild Hunter, Psy/Changeling. And I always loved the books she would recommend. That's why when she told me I must read Cut & Run, even though I'd never tried M/M, I didn't doubt her. I was a little terrified before I got involved with Ty and Zane about how I would react to the sex scenes. I was not homophobic, but I didn't think I could watch/read/imagine two men having sex either. It was not my thing. Not that I've ever tried it and knew that it wasn't. Man, did Ty and Zane prove me wrong!

V: You know, I was pretty unsure about the sex scenes myself. I'd read books about gay men and sexuality before so the idea of M/M wasn't new to me, but I'd never read about it in terms of romance or erotica. It wasn't something on my radar until someone *eyeballs Olga* started sharing some of the sexiest quotes I'd ever read from these two, Ty and Zane. So what was your experience when Ty and Zane first entered your life?

O: Thank God for my hard-headedness. It comes in handy sometimes. I went for it, and after Ty and Zane's first sex scene, I asked the Wenches who had already read the series, "Should I be concerned that I'm actually wet right now?" Their unanimous response had been, "Hell no! You should be if you weren't!"

V: Oh! That first sex scene, my heart races just thinking about it. *fans self* When Zane slides his hands into the front of Ty's jeans . . . dying. The build up, the tension, the uncertainty of how each might react to the other. Those two were explosive together!

O: Right?! I can't say for sure what is different with those two. Maybe it's the force? The fact that even being gay, Ty and Zane are still so alpha?

V: It's hard to say what it is about them. I feel like I know Ty and Zane, yet with each new book they surprise the hell out of me. They're both so different from each other, but complement each other so well. They're complex. They're definitely masculine, but have allowed themselves their tender and loving moments. They'll defend each other to the death. And I love them more together than when they are apart.

O: Maybe it's the level of closeness the two men can have without actually touching. Or how they seem to get each other without words.

V: Yeah, I definitely can't see either of them working so well in a relationship with anyone else. I can't think of anyone else who would put up with either of them! Some people are Team Ty and some are Team Zane. Do you prefer one over the other?

O: I absolutely love them together. I don't know if I could stand either of them separately. Zane is a statistics machine, Ty is too blunt. But together, they bring the best each other has to the surface. They also complement each other. Even so, I'm a Ty slut. We're very much alike. Ty and I. I'm spontaneous and my mouth has no breaks most of the time. If I like something I go for it. What about you? Ty slut or Zane slut?

V: I think I'm probably more like Zane, but I love Ty's sense of humor and his inner sense of "don't fuck with me, I've had enough of this shit" attitude. I think that probably speaks to why Ty and Zane's personalities work so well together.

O: Veronica, is there another M/M couple you think are like Ty and Zane?

V: I'm still discovering the M/M genre, but I haven't found anything yet that measures up to my Ty and Zane. I am a devoted minion for sure. What is it about the two of them that creates such fangirling, do you think?

O: I don't really know the secret ingredient. I only know that Ty and Zane entering my life changed me. In a good way.

V: Preach it, fellow minion fangirl! I have to say, the sex is incredibly hot, and I never thought I'd be saying that about M/M sex. But I wish everyone could get to know Ty and Zane. I think it would go a long way towards busting stereotypes and increasing, and I hate this word, but increasing tolerance.

O: How so?

V: Oh, Ty and Zane are some kick ass FBI agents who are out in the rough and tumble, undercover, busting the bad guys. Also, their story shows a couple in a real relationship. It's not easy, it's anything but easy. They feel like real people dealing with real relationship concerns. Nothing tawdry or forbidden, nothing different than any other couple. And they can't even hold hands in public. There's no mystery about their relationship over a M/F relationship, and they're certainly no threat to M/F relationships. Well, unless I'm measuring any future dates of mine against Ty or Zane, that is!

O: And they're no different from any other couple unless you count almost being eaten by a mountain lion, fighting off shady Russians on a cruise ship while undercover as high-end art thieves, or using your parkour skills to get to a crime scene faster than your partner on his motorcycle.

V: True. You got me there! But that's another thing we love about Ty and Zane. The adventure! Seriously, these men bring everything to the table. Intrigue.

O: Sex.

V: Humor.

O: Action.

V: Sex.

O: Fabulous family and friends.

V: Oh, we haven't even talked about Mara or Deuce or Harrison or--

O: Chester or Nick or--

V: Or Liam, who hasn't even appeared yet and already has his own fan club!

O: I don't know about you, Veronica, but I could go on all night, fangirling about my favorite couple. I wonder who else out there fangirls over Ty and Zane?

V: I don't know. Why don't we ask them?

How about it, dear readers? Join in on our fangirling. What is it about Ty and Zane that makes you squee with delight? Stay up all night reading, scrolling through the interwebs looking for tidbits and fanart? Do you fangirl more over Ty or Zane? Or are you a Nick fangirl? Deuce? And don't let the term "fangirl" throw you. Fangirl is gender-inclusive! Sound off in the comments (after fangirling a bit over our versions of Ty and Zane below).


  1. Thank you ladies. I needed a Ty & Zane fix and this fit the bill perfectly. You just articulated my feelings on Ty & Zane to a T. I adore them so much it's ridiculous. I love them both, but I'm always a Zane girl.

  2. I adored this post. Funny, entertaining and you completely summed up Ty and Zane.

  3. We finished this post up, literally, hours before T&Gs surprise early release. It's fascinating to me to look at our conversation now after having read it. T&G turned a few things upside down for me, and this is a little snapshot of my happy little world before T&G.

    And those quotes! Considering we picked them out days before reading T&G, eerie.

    "The smell of undercover Ty turns me on."

    "Zane, you're everything I need you to be."


    1. Those quotes kind of freak me out too now. But it's funny how one book can change so many things in the way you see a book series or certain characters.

  4. Big, HUGE fangirl. HUGE. I adore Ty. I almost AM Zane. I love them both, and I have no idea why I like the genre so much, but damn it all to hell, I do. I think specifically Ty and Zane on account of the very blatant tough-but-tender thing they've got going on, and now that T&G has rearranged the worldview, it's very... interesting. I'm still parsing what exactly went down there, and probably will be for a very long time. o.o;

  5. I fucking ADORE this post! Awesome, awesome job girls!! And you describe them both so perfectly!! I hadn't read Sticks and Stones till three nights ago and I read it frantically and finished at 2am. Did I go to sleep? Nope. Not me. I immediately started Touch and Geaux and finished that the night 2am. Could not put those books down! Thank you for summing up my thoughts so well!!

  6. You guys should read Conquest by S.J. Frost! I think you'd love it!

    1. Krista that sounds interesting. I just added it to my TBR. It received my interest as soon as I saw it was about musicians.

  7. You two knocked it out of the park with this first Fangirl Friday post! It made me nostalgic about when I first discovered Ty & Zane. You guys cracked me up too! Great, GREAT job!


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