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Welcome to the Saucy Wenches Book Club build-up for the release of
Touch & Geaux (Cut & Run #7) by Abigail Roux. We decided to focus our first post on the fanart of the Cut & Run series. The minions are very active on tumblr and Facebook. Thank goodness, as it means they can share their creativity with us all. 

Wench Olga and Wench Angela have picked out some of their favourite pieces of fanart to share with you. So after the jump, come along with us and see what they selected for you to sample. There was so much wonderful work, and sadly we couldn’t include it all. To all the fanart creators, we want to say how much we admire the skill and imagination it has taken to create such fabulous pieces.



Ty's T-shirts 

Tyler Grady is well known for his unusual, yet funny and amazing T-shirts. He's got a whole collection, yet his favourite remains "RELAX. I'm hilarious."
A huge Thank You to Carlo for the visuals.

He folded his hands over  his chest and the white words on his blue T-shirt—"Relax, I'm hilarious"— and hunched his shoulders as he turned to look up at the concrete structure behind them.
(Divide & Conquer)

It was a scarlet-red T-shirt, with a dancing rock, a quivering piece of paper, and an awkward pair of scissors standing in a rough circle, all with guns in both hands and aiming at each other.
(Divide & Conquer)

It was black and had the words Cocke County FBI in large white print on the front. Upon closer inspection, there were smaller words between the larger ones, and when she squinted she was able to read the entire shirt: 'I was probed in Cocke County by the FBI.”
(Cut & Run)

“You going back to Federal Plaza?” he asked in answer to Zane’s question as he pulled on a black T-shirt that had writing in white block letters that said “I’M UNDERCOVER.”
(Cut & Run)

Famous Lines

Artwork by a-white-raven.

In Divide & Conquer Ty receives a visit from his Marine Force Recon Team Sidewinder dudes. Between beer and a game of darts, Ty tells his friends that he is gay. When they start asking about who it is and how it works, one of Ty's buddies (Digger) says that Zane seems like the 'get on your knees, bitch' type of guy.” 


And even though we know that everything was fine afterward, the last line of Divide & Conquer ripped our hearts to pieces. Then the authors came and stomped on them for good measure.


When in Chicago... 

In Armed & Dangerous Ty wanted to walk on the streets of Chicago, holding Zane's hand without worrying that someone would recognize them.

Ty gave him a melancholy smile, squeezing his hand. It was a shame they didn’t get to go out and hold hands like this at home. A crying shame. But they couldn’t risk being recognized and outed at work. As soon as they both retired, though, Ty intended to hold Zane’s hand everywhere they went.

The Text Messages in Divide & Conquer

If you're having a bad day at work, that means you don't have a coworker/friend/lover who knows as many puns as Tyler Grady, who schedules his texts ahead of time to tantalize Zane with them. 

Art by Wench Olga Daniels

Touch & Geaux

You thought everything was well in Ty and Zane's world? That all was settled and perfect? But who the hell is Liam Bell?
"Nothing lasts forever..."

We hope you enjoyed looking at this great selection of fanart with us. While looking at fanart on tumblr, we got sucked in, and it was easy to lose an hour or two in the name of research. Which we were happy to do on your behalf. It was such a hard task. Two of our favourite tumblrs are a-white-raven and oreoandme, who both create fantastic fanart in their own right and are great at reblogging other fanart creations.

Keep an eye out over the next week, where Wench Jaymie interviews Wenches who love Cut & Run for their favourite moments. We are sure there is bound to be some conflict over what is the best book in the series. Wench Anne does a Dream Cast for the series. Will her picks be the same as yours? And don't miss our very first Fangirl Friday. Who will the Wenches fangirl over this Friday?

Do you love fanart? What fandom's fanart do you enjoy? Send us some links, as we would love to check out the fanart that you like! 


  1. Love the T-shirts...I'd wear them... :D

    1. Thanks Shau. There are some amazing shirts created by the fandom.

  2. Love the shirts...and the post! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Katherine. The shirts are really cool.

  3. Ooo, great post! Olga, Carlo, and Sonja are some of my favorite talented minions! (Not to mention, being just generally amazing, wonderful, and sweet people! I'm biased but I love them all so much!)

    It is awesome being in the Cut & Run family... there are so many talented people constantly creating wonderful fan-art, videos, fiction, and more. And that's not even getting into the amazing books. :)


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