My Dream Cast: The Cut & Run Series

"I've heard about this place," Zane said, looking up at the sign. "It's all mysteries, suspense, thrillers...." He nearly bounced in place. 
"Do you not get enough of that shit in your real life?" Ty asked with a roll of his eyes. "Come on," he ordered as he turned away. "I don't do books." 
"Well I do. Get an espresso or something," Zane said, pulling open the door and going inside. 
"I don't do espressos," Ty called after him stubbornly. As he stood outside the doors, his shoulder slumped, and soon he obediently followed Zane into the store. 
Cut & Run

Sorry Ty, but all of us around here love books. Also, it's probably a good thing that Ty doesn't do espressos. He'd be bouncing off the walls. Anyway, the Wenches also love Ty & Zane. Well, some of us do. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with Ty & Zane, they are the lead characters in the Cut & Run series by Abigail Roux (with earlier books co-authored by Madeleine Urban). This is a m/m romance series about two FBI agents and the shenanigans and cases they are involved in. The Wenches that read this series love to speculate/fangirl over the men we think should play these characters. 

So, to celebrate the release of the newest book, Touch & Geaux, I'm here to present my casting choices! Of course, there is no movie or TV series in the works for these books. Frankly, I'm not sure that anything would be able to do justice to this wonderful series. But, we Wenches like to dream and this would be a dream come true! So, sit back, relax and enjoy all of the man candy my choices for the Cut & Run series after the break!

PS: I may have gotten a little carried away, so this post is really long. But, I hope you enjoy it fellow minions!

Ty & Zane's bosses.

First up, Ty & Zane's Baltimore boss, Dan McCoy.
Dan McCoy had been a good field agent, and he was a good Special Agent in Charge. Ty had even worked on a few cases with him before McCoy had been promoted, and they'd gotten on well- which was probably why McCoy was enjoying this so much and letting it show. 
Fish & Chips
My choice for Special Agent in Charge Dan McCoy is Clive Owen.
We don't get any physical description of McCoy. But, we do get a good idea of his personality. And, we can infer a few things about him by the text. McCoy gets the Ty Seal of Approval as both a boss and a field agent, so we know he must be good at his job. Since he is in a position to be promoted, we can assume he is older than Ty and probably older than Zane as well. We also know that McCoy, though a straight shooter most of the time, also enjoys making his agents (namely Ty) squirm and he's got a bit of a mischievous side to him. So, I think Clive Owen is a perfect choice. He's got that tough edge to him that a former field agent would have and he's definitely got that mischievous twinkle in his eye.

Next, the big boss, Richard Burns.
Assistant Director Richard Burns looked up at him in surprise and annoyance as Ty stepped into the office and closed the door behind him. 
Cut & Run
My choice for the Assistant Director of the Criminal Investigative Branch, Richard "Dick" Burns, is Dann Florek.
Again, we get no physical description of Dick in any of the books. But, we do know that he and Ty's father are war buddies. So, we can at least estimate his age. After 14 seasons of wrangling rogue detectives on  Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, I think Dann Florek is the perfect candidate to help Ty keep his job. He's the right age, I can believe him as a former Marine and he's got both the toughness, humor, and softness that Dick Burns needs to deal with Ty and Zane. Plus, I have a theory that Burns knows about the boys' relationship and he's keeping it quiet. And, Dann Florek has a great all knowing look that would be perfect for Dick Burns.

The Outlaws
A couple of criminals that Ty & Zane end up befriending while trying to arrest them, they are also featured in their own short story, Warrior's Cross.

First up, international man of mystery, Preston.
A thin, light-haired man jumped out the driver's door and hurried to help him. 
Warrior's Cross 

The muzzle lowered to reveal its owner as the man stepped into the pool of an emergency light, and Ty stared at the blond man in shock.
Armed & Dangerous
My choice for their "driver", Preston, is Warren Kole.

Warren is somewhat of an unknown, but he plays a sheriff/serial killer on The Following and he nails it. He is perfect for someone like Preston. He has a pretty face, but he can turn on the cold and calculating in an instant and be down right scary. And, he looks fucking HOT with a gun, just like Ty likes. Plus, he's on the thinner side and blonde, as Preston is described. A perfect Preston through and through.

Next, the one person who isn't really a criminal, Cameron Jacobs.
He wasn't the type of man one noticed right off; he was trim and a little wiry, of average height and build, and he kept his brown hair cut short and neat. His quiet personality and tendency toward introversion made him naturally discreet while working, and his pleasant but unremarkable appearance made him perfect for scooting behind chairs and reaching around people with plates, coming and going without garnering attention or interrupting a patron's meal. 
Warrior's Cross
My choice for the quiet, but underestimated, Cameron Jacobs, is Elijah Wood.
Even though Elijah is a little older than Cameron's 29 years, he has a baby face that could easily pass for younger than 29. He also has a quiet, unobtrusive manner that Cameron shares. But, when he gets riled up, he can be as snarky and feisty as necessary, for Cameron to match wits with Julian, Ty, and Zane. He also has the right look. He's small and slender. He's attractive, but not stunningly attractive. The kind of person you wouldn't look at twice walking down the street, but if he was your waiter a few times, you would see his attractiveness more and more. Just like Cameron in Warrior's Cross.

And finally, everyone's favorite "antiques dealer," Julian Cross.
"You know; tall, dark, devastatingly handsome, always comes alone on Tuesdays, always writing in the little notepad--" 
Warrior's Cross

Julian moved into the room, hulking and livid. He pointed his gun at Zane, and the two men stood there aiming at each other, silent as they  sized each other up. Cameron was struck by the strong resemblance between them.
Armed & Dangerous
My choice for the bane of Ty's existence, Julian Cross, is David Gandy.
This was actually a pretty easy choice. I already knew who my Zane was, so I just needed someone who looked enough like him to be Julian. Although there is a tiny height difference, I think David is a great choice. He definitely has the tall, dark and devastatingly handsome thing down to a science. He also looks enough like my choice for Zane (yes, you'll have to wait to see who that is) to pull off Cam's thoughts about their resemblance. And, David definitely has that cold and brooding side to him, like Julian. I can totally believe him as the kind of man that would take the jobs that Julian takes. But, like sunshine in Chicago, to paraphrase the Fever series, when David smiles, you see why Cam is so totally and utterly in love with him. It is beautiful and glorious.

Team Sidewinder
Ty's Marine Force Recon Friends.

First up, the team medic, Kelly Abbott.

He had been their Navy corpsman, the medical officer. He'd gone through the same training they had and then some. He was slim and wiry, with unremarkable brown hair and eyes a variable color between blue and gray. His manner was unassuming and affable, but he was the only member of their six-man team who'd been undefeated in sparring matches. He was hell on wheels with or without a weapon. 
Divide & Conquer
My choice for Medic Kelly Abbott is Christopher Gorham.
Christopher Gorham would be a great field medic. He can be gentle and reassuring. But, anyone who has ever seen my all-time favorite mini series, Harper's Island, knows that he can be absolutely cold and impersonal as well. That's a must for a field medic faced with hard decisions. And, he's got a surprisingly muscular physique under that charming, goofy smile. I think he's a great choice for Kelly. He looks smart, but he also looks like he can defend himself. And, Christopher plays a former Army Ranger in Covert Affairs, it's not too much of a leap to Force Recon.

Next, the Red Sox fan, Owen Johns.
...Owen Johns, upstate New York... 
Divide & Conquer 
Owen is, however, a Yankees fan, and they both carried extra ammunitions in missions for "accidents," Ty went on, using his fingers to accentuate the sarcasm. 
Divide & Conquer
My choice for the polarizing Owen Johns is Jake Gyllenhaal.
 As you can see, besides being told he's from Upstate New York and he's a Yankee fan, we get no physical description of Owen. So, I chose someone who is about the same age as the other guys, and can pass for a Marine. Owen is also a little whiny and a little over-reactive. Though, that may just be my perception of him because of his reaction to Ty's coming out. So, I think Jake definitely fits that bill.

Next, the Louisiana Bayou native, Duruand "Digger" Garrigou.

He was a good looking man, his skin so dark that they'd never had to paint him with grease oil on a mission to hide him in the dark. His accent was deep Louisiana, which meant half the time he wasn't coherent and the other half he was bitching at them for not answering his questions. 

Divide & Conquer
My choice for the mad Cajun, Digger Garrigou, is Mike Colter.
Honestly, I had someone else all set and picked out for this role. Then, while watching The Following one night, Mike Colter came on screen and changed my mind completely. It was a dark scene and half of his face basically disappeared and I immediately thought of that quote above describing Digger. Then, while "researching" him, I remembered that I saw him in Ringer last year, where he played a drug addict. He was amazing in that role. So, I figured a half mad addict wasn't that far from a half mad Force Recon Marine. I knew I had to go with Mike.

And finally, Ty's BFF, Nick O'Flaherty.

He looked about Ty's age, ruggedly handsome and clean-shaven with short strawberry-blond hair and ivy-green eyes. He was a few inches shorter than Zane, but then, most men were. He was built solidly, not as broad as Ty or Zane at the shoulders, but obviously fit. Damn him.

Armed & Dangerous

My choice for the bane of Zane's existence, Nick O'Flaherty, is Charlie Hunnam.

This was a really, really hard decision for me. I spent a lot of time going back and forth on Nick. I had several other people in mind before I came across Charlie. He seems like a really good option for Nick. He's definitely got Irish looks and he is hard looking and fit enough to be a cop/former Marine. And, from what little I've seen of him, he's got the personality for Nick as well. He's definitely got an edge to him, but he can be charming and funny as well. A perfect best friend and partner in crime for our Ty.

The Garrett Family
Zane's Family.

First up, the littlest Garrett, Sadie Masterson.
Just inches from his nose was a pair of large Hershey brown eyes. They were accompanied by long dark lashes and ringlet curls that framed a cherub's face. Said cherub was wearing a yellow sundress, red bows in her hair, and red shoes.....She gave him a frown that looked familiar. Zane's niece was three or four, if Ty remembered correctly. 
Stars & Stripes
My choice for Zane's niece, Sadie Masterson, is Honor Warren.
Child actors are hard to find. I don't have kids of my own, so I don't watch kids' shows. And, none of the TV shows I watch regularly have girls of the right age, so I had a hard time tracking one down. Finally, I remembered that Jessica Alba had a daughter of about the right age. And, that's where I came up with Honor. She is the appropriate age and absolutely adorable. I wish her hair was a little darker. But, if she has even a little of her mom's spunk, she's perfect for the little girl who wraps Ty and Zane around her little finger.

Next, Sadie's dad, Mark Masterson.
Mark Masterson pulled off his hat. His blond hair underneath was shorn almost into a crew cut, and his goatee was neatly trimmed. He gave Zane a hug, and then stepped back, blue eyes shining. 
Stars & Stripes
My choice for Zane's brother in law, Mark Masterson, is Ryan Gosling.
I love Ryan Gosling. And, I've been looking for a role to cast him in since I started doing these posts. I think he's perfect for Mark. He fits the description well. Plus, he's a rockstar actor, who could easily handle the Texas cowboy look and attitude that Mark would have. He is also believable as a former Marine who was on base when Ty was in the service. Plus, he's monstrously hot. Which, I think he would have to be, since I picture Zane's sister as very attractive. So, her husband has to be on an equal level of attractiveness.

Speaking of Zane's sister, let's move on to her, Annie (Garrett) Masterson.
Alongside Zane was a slim female of Zane-like origin, matching grin and all. 
Stars and Stripes
My choice for Sadie's mom and Mark's wife, Annie Masterson, is Minka Kelly.

We don't get much description to go on for Annie, besides that she looks like Zane. So, I guess the female equivalent of tall, dark, and handsome would be tall, dark, and drop dead gorgeous. Minka Kelly is drop dead gorgeous. She's tall, she's dark haired. She's perfect for Zane's sister. She's tough, as someone raised in the Garrett household would be. But, she also has a compassionate side perfect for a mom and a veterinarian. She also looks enough like my choice for Zane to pass as his sister. And, she's younger than him too, since Annie is younger than Zane. Plus, Minka was in the Charlie's Angels remake, so she can handle a gun and some action scenes that Annie is involved in.

Next up, Zane's father, Harrison Garrett.
His hair had gone from steel gray to almost white in the last year or so. His face was thinner, bordering on gaunt, and though Zane was attributing much of it to his injuries, he was concerned by the lack of life in his father's dark eyes. The only things that hadn't changed were the impressive horse-shoe mustache and the deep resonance of his voice.
Stars & Stripes

My choice for the ever surprising Harrison Garrett is Edward Hermann.

Edward Hermann plays a great father. He can be gruff and angry, but he can also be gentle and loving. And, he definitely has a great voice, very powerful and commanding. How I imagine a rancher's voice would need to be to get and keep the attention and respect of his workers. He's also got an impressive mustache. It wouldn't take much to make it into a horseshoe. But, there are plenty of older actors that have all of those things. What drew me to Edward Hermann was his height. Zane says that he gets his height from his father. So, the actor playing him had to be tall as well. There aren't many actors that are as tall as Zane is supposed to be. I was having a tough time finding one, until I was watching a Gilmore Girls re-run and remembered that Edward Hermann existed. He's perfect for Harrison Garrett.

And finally, the matriarch of the Garrett clan, Beverly Garrett.
She cut a severe figure on the spiral staircase, her graying hair dyed a harsh black, her smile not touching her blue eyes. She hadn't been expecting company today, but that hadn't stopped her from donning a designer pantsuit, high heels, and a string of pearls; her entire life was about outward appearances, and always had been. 
Stars & Stripes
My choice for Zane's manipulative mother, Beverly Garrett, is Jessica Lange.
Jessica Lange is the only choice for a high-class, manipulative, bitchy character. She's always been a phenomenal actress, but anyone that has watched her in American Horror Story knows that her acting prowess knows no bounds. I know that she is a little short and a little fair haired, but she is so absolutely perfect in every other way, that I couldn't pass her up, just to have someone a little taller and darker. I could spend pages gushing about Jessica Lange's fabulousness. But, I won't. Just trust me when I say that she is perfect for Beverly Garrett in every way. If you don't believe me, go watch American Horror Story's first season. 

The Gradys
Ty's Family.

First, the only unofficial Grady, Livi.

Livi was a beautiful girl, possibly less so just then since Ty could see two of her. She had intelligent robin's-egg-blue eyes and hair so blonde it seemed white when the sun hit it. She was lithe and athletic, everything Ty thought a yoga instructor would probably be. 
Armed & Dangerous
My choice for Deuce's girlfriend, Livi is Amanda Seyfried.


We get a decent physical description of Livi. But, besides her penchant for aromatherapy, we don't see that much of her personality. So, that made this a little tough for me. But, for some reason, I picture Deuce with a younger girl. I have no justification for it, just a feeling I get. So, I think Amanda Seyfried is perfect for Deuce's younger girlfriend. She's extremely pretty, she's blonde, she's got intelligent, searching eyes and I TOTALLY picture her as an earthy, aromatherapy yoga teacher.

Next, the eldest Grady, Chester Grady.
An old man had joined the table, and he sat next to Ty, holding his hand and patting it affectionately. 
Sticks & Stones
My choice for Ty's grandfather, Chester Grady is James Garner.

I adore Chester. He reminds me of my own grandfather. I needed someone old enough to be Ty's grandfather and Earl's father and who looked enough like them to make it work. And, I wanted him to look like a former military man. There aren't a lot of options in this age bracket for actors, but I finally came across Mr. Garner and I think he's the perfect combination of all of Chester's qualities. He's gruff looking, but he's got a kind smile. And, I can absolutely see him sitting on a porch in a rocking chair with a sharpened shovel across his lap.

Next, Ty's mother, Mara Grady.
The woman at the stove turned and smiled widely. Ty went over to her and hugged her close, kissing her on the cheek as she patted his back without letting go of the spatula in her hand. She was a tall woman, the top of her head hitting past Ty's broad shoulders, and her round face was almost devoid of wrinkles until she smiled. Her graying hair had once been the same color as Ty's, and her eyes were a bright, striking green. 
Sticks & Stones
My choice for this tough, but nurturing Southern lady, Mara Grady, is Sally Field.
I had a really tough time with this decision. I've gone back and forth through several different actresses. I know Sally Field isn't tall, but I think she is good for Mara in every other way. She's the go-to mom in Hollywood, and has been for years. She's caring and compassionate. But, she doesn't take shit from anyone. I can absolutely believe her as Ty & Deuce's mom. She has the spunk and the energy to deal with all of the men in her family. And, she is the right age, as well as very pretty. A perfect fit for the Grady family.

Now, Ty's father, Earl Grady.

Earl was an imposing man, tall and broad-shouldered. The man made Ty look like the runt of the litter. His graying hair was cut short and neat, and he was clean-shaven and almost as devoid of wrinkles as his wife. 
Sticks & Stones
My choice for the most conflicting character in this series, Earl Grady, is Jeff Bridges.

I needed someone who could play the gruff, former Marine side of Earl. And, someone who could also play up the remorse and other emotions that Earl goes through in the course of Sticks & Stones and Stars & Stripes. Someone who could call Ty a coward and then nearly lose his shit when Ty almost dies. Someone who could punch his own son in the face and then wrap him up in a hug. I think I've found that person in Jeff Bridges. He's definitely tough enough to play a former Marine. And, if you've ever seen the movie White Squall, you know that he can play the tough guy father figure that really loves you deep down. Plus, Jeff Bridges looks enough like my choices for Ty & Deuce to play their father.

And, finally, Ty's little brother, Deacon "Deuce" Grady.
He was young, much too young to be Ty's father. He still bore a striking resemblance to Ty, though his hair was a little longer and lighter, and he was taller and thinner. He had to be Ty's brother. 
Sticks & Stones
My choice for our resident psych, Deuce Grady, is Garrett Hedlund.
I love Garrett and I think he'd be awesome for Deuce. He fits the description pretty accurately as well, though I wish he was a little more bulky. But, more importantly, I know that he can act the part of Deuce. He was a street-wise, smart aleck punk in Four Brothers and a computer whiz/action hero in Tron: Legacy. So, I know that he could play the wise-cracking Dr. Grady with no trouble at all. He'll be able to verbally spar with Ty and calm Zane's fears and worries with panache. But, we also know that he can take care of himself, just like Deuce, regardless of the limp. And, he has that hint of mischief that is a Grady trademark. Plus, he's gorgeous, a must for the Grady boys. And, his name is Garrett. It was meant to be.

The Boys
They need no introductions.

Beaumont Tyler Grady
He needed a shave; most of his handsome face was covered in three days' worth of beard, and his dark hair could probably use a trim. He was a large man, nearly three inches over six feet, and he usually carried his frame like a large cat, lithe and easy. Tonight, though, there was a slump to his broad shoulders.
Cut & Run

The unkempt man sitting opposite Burns was a complete mess. Zane barely restrained the urge to sneer at him. Maybe he was an informant of some sort. He had that burnt-out, fidgety look to him.
Cut & Run
My choice for Ty Grady is Jensen Ackles.

I love Jensen for Ty. If you've ever seen any of the gifs that are out there of him, you'll know that he's got Ty's brush everything off, goofy, but witty sense of humor naturally. I wish that he was a little bulkier and broader than he is. I wish he was an inch or two taller as well. But, I am willing to give that up because his personality is so perfect for the lighter side of Ty. And, from what I hear of him on Supernatural, he's got the acting chops to pull of Ty's darker, more dangerous side. He also has that rakish, devil-may-care handsomeness that draws every eye to him, just like Ty does. I know he looks a little younger than Ty (though he's actually the same age), but my Zane is a little younger as well. So, it works as a pairing (at least, I think it does). I know a lot of the fandom sees Karl Urban as Ty, and I do too, sometimes. However, with my Zane choice, Jensen is a better fit. What really sealed the deal for Jensen? He sings. I am a slut sucker for a man who can sing.

Zane Zachary Garrett
Zane stopped into the bathroom to straighten his tie and check to make sure his close-cropped brown hair lay down neatly. The suit he wore was sharply tailored to his 6'5" frame, but it didn't hide the bulky muscles that moved under the fabric...He frowned slightly, surveying the crow's-feet at the corners of his eyes and the ridges of his twice-broken nose.
Cut & Run

"The hell he is!" Ty interrupted as he sat up straight. "I can't do my job with a... a... poster-boy partner," he practically stuttered angrily as he flopped his hand toward the squeaky-clean man next to him.
Cut & Run
My choice for Zane Garrett is Joe Manganiello.

Dark hair, 6'5", muscular, slightly crooked nose. Joe IS Zane. Their physical descriptions are a near match. To be totally honest, that's why I started reading this series. Wench Amanda, I think it was, told me that Zane is described basically as Joe. And, as any of the Wenches can tell you, his name really gets my attention. Now, having read the books, I know that Joe is absolutely perfect for Zane. I see some Zane-like qualities in Joe's personality as well. He was an athlete as a teen, but identified more as an artistic kid, just like Zane played football, but was also on the square dancing team. Zane is a numbers nerd. Joe is a comic book/regular book nerd. I know Joe is younger than Zane is supposed to be, but with the graying beard and crow's feet that he already has, add some gray to his hair and he could easily pull off 40. Again, I know a lot of the minions think of Eric Bana as Zane. But, I just don't see it. He's too short, too pretty and not nearly broad enough. At least in my opinion. I think Joe is a much better choice. Plus, I would give anything to see him on the Valkyrie.

So, minions, what do you think? Do you agree with my choices? Is there someone else you envision as one of our beloved characters? Did I miss someone (besides Owen) that you see clearly in your mind's eye? Let me know below!


  1. Amazing post, Anne! I don't know how you do it, but these Dream Cast posts are your trade mark. Loved your choices for everyone! Especially Mara, Deuce, Annie, Beverly, McCoy. And because I can't stand JM, I can't stand him as Zane. Of course he looks exactly like Zane should, I know that. I have eyes, you know. But I'm not hearing any of it.
    Excellent post!

    1. Thanks Olga! I really love doing these posts. They are so much fun for me! Are you an Eric Bana as Zane girl?

  2. I love how you take time to think about the cast as a whole, and not just each individual character.

    I love Jeff Bridges as Earl, and I can't think of anyone better than Jessica Lange for Beverly.

  3. Awesome choices, thanks for participating!

  4. Really great, well thought out post. I also love that you did the entire cast and I loved the commentary that went along with them.

  5. Awesome awesome casting. That Is some dedication there . I loved the Nick and Kelly casting. and zane's sister. And the TS.Thank you for taking the time.

  6. Love love love this! I think I need to do a reread of all the books with these visuals in my head! Thank you!

  7. Awesome job Anne. Really, I'm super impressed!! Gandy as Julian is brilliant! The entire cast is so well thought out and spot on! The Garretts, Gradys, the recon boys and most especially Ty and Zane. Jensen and Joe are fucking perfect for these roles. I honestly can't see anyone else as Ty and Zane. Karl Urban seems more Zane than Ty to me and no way could Eric Bana pull off Zane's physical presence. Great job my friend!!

    PS, if we could add a picture for Liam Bell, my choice would be Tom Hardy. Sexy mofo that he is!!

    1. I agree with Tom Hardy as Liam Bell and Care actually gave me the idea for Gandy as Julian and I must say it was inspired.

  8. Anne, this dream cast post is amazing. I can't say enough how brilliant it is. The Casting is spot onm, except for Ty of course. I still can't quite see Jensen in that role. Joe M. You had me panting when I saw those pics.

  9. Thank you everyone!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I had a ton of fun writing it! And of course, "researching" it!

  10. Excellent choices, Anne! Your picks are exactly who I'd pick, especially for Ty and Zane. Jensen Ackles will always be my Ty, of course. <3 him!
    Also, I'm not a JM fan either, but he's totally my Zane. :-)

  11. OMG this is fantastic. Each casting is perfect, and now I can go to bed with the right faces for Ty and Zane in my mind. I don't get the entire Karl-Urban-as-Ty movement, Karl is not pretty enough and Eric Bana is too pretty and 'clean' for Zane. When I saw your casting everything clicked. Jensen Ackles have the right beauty, the right eyes and the right smile. And Joe M deserves both, the bike and the stetson. And he looks dangerous and dirty enough to keep someone like Ty both, interested and on a leash. GOOD JOB!!

  12. Hello, I've only just delved into the world of Cut & Run (finished book 2 this morning), and am head-over-feet for our boys.

    I must say I hadn't given much concrete thought to casting--and given how little of the series I've read so far I'm forced to avoid many of the characters here, for spoilers' sake--but what I saw I immediately liked and am now having trouble picturing anyone else for Ty and Zane's roles.

    If I had my wish, I'm thinking a TV series on HBO would suit this series as well as anything live-action could. Thoughts?

  13. I love your choice of Ty and Zane!
    I much prefer Jensen Ackles to Karl Urban. He simply doesn't do it for me. And Joe Manganiello is perfect. I really likes all your other character choices, too! Thanks for the inspiration!


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