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Mila Kunis

Another week of Fangirl Fridays!

There are so many admirable people out there. It's hard not to admire and respect someone who has put themselves in the public eye for the sake of art, in any form, or just to bring about some positive change in the world, on any level. Be it actors, writers, musicians, scientists, journalists, philanthropists, there are many we admire. Or just appreciate for bringing joy and laughter into our lives. Not necessarily on the same level, but we're not interested in ranking them in any particular order. 

So, after watching Oz the Great & Powerful (with the amazing Head Wench Barb!), I wanted to share with you the many reasons (shallow and otherwise!) we love Mila Kunis!

That '70s Show: I really don't even think there's anything to be said here. Mila Kunis was absolutely amazing (at SUCH a young age ― she auditioned for the show when she was 14) as the shrill, narcissistic Jackie. And yet, try as we might, we couldn't NOT like her! Jackie was one of the most hilarious female characters ever. And I while I cringed whenever she shouted "Michael!", I laughed even harder. I have yet to see another young actress who could play a character THAT annoying AND that likable. Her comic timing and dialogue delivery were spot on! The fans loved Jackie JUST as much as Jackie did! And this was only the beginning.

Comedy: Mila Kunis voiced Seth Macfarlane's Meg Griffin in Family Guy. The homely, socially awkward, self loathing, and apparently unloved Meg could not be more different from Jackie Burkhart. But Mila voiced her to perfection. You almost forget that the gorgeous Mila is the voice behind poor, picked-on Meg. But that's the great thing about her, she is a talented performer. And it even comes across in her now-famous voice. She joined the ranks of young comedy royalty when she lent her voice to the animated series Robot Chicken (numerous times). She loves making people laugh as much as she loves laughing herself, and I love that!

And everything else: She stole the show in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, captivated audiences in Black Swan, and was heartbreakingly awesome in Oz the Great and Powerful, to such an extent that it left you rooting for her regardless of where you knew the future of the story was going. 

But other than the fact that she is a FANTASTIC performer, there is more to her than just being another pretty face that happens to have immense amounts of talent. One of my favorite stories about her in real life is when she said yes to the U.S. Marine who asked her to a Marine Corps Ball in 2011 via a YouTube video. I mean, how easy would it have been for her to simply laugh it off as an adorable fan video? But instead, she said yes. And went! I love that. Not that I think that celebs should go around saying yes to any fan who asks them out, but this was different. 

I love that she supports women's rights, marriage equality, improved immigration laws, and a whole bunch of other worthy causes. Just the fact that she would speak up in public about her beliefs is admirable. And Chrysalis, the charity she supports, helps people from low-income households and homeless people become self-sufficient, and provides support and resources to find jobs and keep them. I mean, come on, how can you not admire that about her?

Do I think she is gorgeous? Yes. Do I love the fact that she speaks her mother tongue of Russian despite having lived in the States since she was four? Yes. But there's more! 

You might have noticed a few online headlines about how Mila Kunis has gone and done the worst thing possible in Hollywood, PUT ON WEIGHT. And let me remind you, not insane amounts of weight... just the weight she lost during Black Swan training and a little extra that she says is her normal weight. But Christian Dior allegedly wants to drop her. People have been calling her disgusting. And fat. And ugly. And I just want to tell those assholes to go fuck themselves.

Or just let Mila say it?

I mean, LOOK at her, POST "weight gain":

Does she look like she needs to lose weight? No. And you know what, she KNOWS it!! And does not give a rat's ass about what people have to say, and all I can say is, "YOU GO GIRL!!" You are beautiful! At any weight. And I love that she is perfectly okay with being the Hollywood version of a leper. And, just because I've heard the haters say this, her career is still doing fine thank you very much. Her performance as Theadora in Oz was freaking amazing.

Gorgeous AND talented.

So did I get it all? 

 Funny - Check! Down to earth - Check!

Talented? - Check!

Loves eating and sleeping just as much as the rest of us and isn't ashamed of it - Check! 

 Doesn't need a glass and drinks straight from the bottle? - Check! 

Yeah, I'm done. I could go on. But she's awesome. It speaks for itself! I'll just leave you with some awesome advice from an awesome gal whom I would love to hang out with! She would be so much fun! She'd fit right in with the Wenches! Don't you think?

So, saucy readers, do you like Mila Kunis too?? What's your favorite Mila movie? Or do you have a different girl crush? Do share! We'd love to know!


  1. The 70's show! I loved this one and really loved Mila Kunis in it. She was hilarious there,that team of actors where so good.Love your post Zee!


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