What the Wenches Are Reading

Lots of reading going on in our Wenchy world this week, with quite a mixed bag of choices. Lisa Kleypas, Alisha Rai, perennial favorites Diana Gabaldon and Chloe Neill, as well as new finds Keri Lake and Sierra Simone are all taking up our reading time this week. 

Click through to see what else we're reading, and share your reading list in the comments below!

Angela: I've had a Lisa Kleypas addiction (Thanks Zee. I think.) going on this past week. I've read The Wallflowers and The Gamblers series. I blame it on it being so darn cold here this week, that I've needed to go to bed early every night and read.  My favourite out of both series has to be Dreaming of You (The Gamblers #2). The animal magnetism that Derek Craven exuded just made me weak at the knees. Who doesn't love a bad boy made good. I put my hand up. I can't deny I just love that trope.

Anne: I finished Dragonfly in Amber over the course of the last week. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I adore Jamie. I also finished Fat Girl Walking. I highly recommend it to anyone who has struggled with self-esteem, whether it's because of weight issues or not. Actually, I recommend it to anyone. It was hilarious, touching, and thought-provoking. Now, I'm listening to The Girl on The Train. I like it so far. It is somewhat reminiscent of Gone Girl. As for regular reading, I'm taking a mental break and reading some SPN fanfiction. When I'm done with this current piece, I'm going to start Chloe Neill's The Veil. I'm very excited. I've heard amazing things about it.

Barb: Looking at last week's WTWAR I see I was in the middle of Ricochet when I checked in. Well. I love that fucked up book to pieces, which I told you about in my review yesterday. I couldn't move on to anything new for a couple of days, so I got some knitting done. Then Zee convinced me to read Glutton for Pleasure and Serving Pleasure in Alisha Rai's Pleasure series. It's obvious that Glutton was Ms. Rai's first published novel, although it was really freaking hot. Serving, OTOH, was fantastic! Having read three of Alisha Rai's novels now, I am terribly impressed with her handling of heroines who are women of color, who are strong, and who flip the script on the billionaire boyfriend trope, and I looooove her smackdown handling of slut shaming. I can't wait to read more Alisha Rai, and I'm really looking forward to reading about the last Malik sister finding love. That's happening, right? Now, I'm rereading Ricochet, but looking for something to read next. Any suggestions, Saucy Readers?
Donna: This week I read Sideswiped, a brand new novella from Kim Harrison. She introduces us to Peri Reed, the heroine of her upcoming suspense series. The first book, The Drafter, will be released September 1st. 

Kathi: For my vacation, I am listening to and reading The Martian. This book is FABULOUS!! It's a science-fiction story about a man left behind after a Mars expedition, but I can't say emphatically enough what a terrific story this is and how creatively it is told. Action, suspense, and LOTS of snark. And the audio book narrator is great, injects a lot of personality into each character, particularly the amazing central character. Many thanks to Wench Anne for recommending this book in her recent review.

Merit: I’ve started Priest by Sierra Simone but quit reading it for The Veil, Chloe Neill's new book, first in the Devil’s Isle series. The story started a little slow but picked up tempo very quickly. Good story, interesting take of a dystopian NOLA, a good portrayal of leading and secondary characters. Please don’t look for Merit and Ethan here. I love the fact that this is a completely different story with very different characters. The only thing I find similar is the very slow burn romance.

Shau: My favorite author, Ilona Andrews, has a new installment out, Magic Shifts, and I just don't have the time to start it...damn you RL...damn you!! 

Zee:  Hehe I can't apologize for getting Angela hooked on Lisa Kleypas! I LOVE HER!!! And Derek Craven is just one of a kind. Sigh. I, myself, have not really read much this week. Sorry. I was in the middle of a couple of blah erotica books... I mean.. I can't really judge them since I haven't finished them yet. But they weren't keeping me interested. I have every intention of reading Ricochet asap!!! Although people around me reading books I love is making me want to reread stuff!


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