Fangirl Friday - Jill Shalvis and the Lucky Harbor series

I've done something this year I haven't done in a long, long time. I've been reading romances. Yes you know just contemporary romances. I can honestly say it's not something I've done since, well probably twenty or more years. Shock, horror I've actually been enjoying them. I know I shouldn't sound so surprised. After all, millions of romances are read around the world every year. What I've stumbled upon is one author that I just can't seem to get enough of - Jill Shalvis. Romance writer extraordinaire. 

Welcome to Lucky Harbor
Home to 2,100 lucky people
And 10,100 shellfish (1)

You might think that such a well known romance author such as Jill Shalvis would have at least appeared on my radar before now. But I guess dear Goodreads thought as I haven't been reading strictly romance books it wasn't being pointed in my direction.  I actually stumbled upon Shalvis while reading Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold series. Who is also fantastic by the way!!!

Lucky Harbor series is just everything I want in a romance. It's funny, the guys are hot, the sex just makes you tingly and the characters just draw you into their world. Sure you know there is a happily ever after at the end, but that doesn't detract from the books being a pleasure for me to read. The books also just make me happy. They make me smile while I'm reading. There isn't any real angst, supernatural happenings or any real brain exertion and my frame of mind has recently has welcomed that. Plus all the guys have minimum six packs. Well I might roll my eyes that every, single guy in the book's has an amazingly chiseled body, it doesn't seem to detract me from reading them.  In fact the thought of licking along some of those six packs is just darn hot!!!

"small, quirky Washington coastal town sandwiched between the Pacific and the Olympic Mountains," (2)

The covers pull me in every time. Cute couple. Or is it the lead male characters haircuts? It very well could be. Who ever said in this digital age that a cover couldn't still pull a reader in? It definitely can draw this reader into a book.  Pondering on this thought though,  it could just be I love guys with short hair. Who knows. Guy has short hair = Angela wants to read that book. I know that sounds like a flawed logic even to me. I've read some pretty crappy books where the cover has had a guy with short hair on it. There is just something about running your fingers through hair that isn't too long. It could merely be the idea that the odds of finding a knot is extremely remote. So short hair means no snags whilst in the moment.

The dastardly mastermind behind the mechanisms of the town is Lucille, the local art gallery owner. She is described as being any age from 70 to 100 and has her finger on the pulse of social media. Running Lucky Harbor's Facebook page until she is banned and then she takes to Twitter and Tumblr to keep the citizens of Lucky Harbor up to date on what is happening in town. In a couple of books there are minor love triangles and of course it is Lucille's job to create Facebook polls to work out who our heroine should end up with amongst other things. Hence adding a very appreciated comedic atmosphere to the series.  While you might groan whenever Lucille is plotting to get a couple together, it is all done in good humour. 

Books in series order.

  1. Simply Irresistible - Maddie and Jax
  2. The Sweetest Thing - Tara and Ford
  3. Head Over Heels - Chloe and Sawyer
  4. Lucky in Love - Mallory and Ty
  5. At Last - Amy and Matt
  6. Forever and a Day - Grace and Josh
  7. It Had to be You -Ali and Luke
  8. Always On My Mine - Leah and Jack
  9. Once in a Lifetime - Aubrey and Ben
  10. It's in His Kiss - Becca and Sam
  11. He's So Fine - Olivia and Cole
  12. One in a Million -Callie and Tanner
My two favourite books in the series has to be Head Over Heels #3 and He's So Fine #11. I loved the dynamic in Head Over Heels as Chloe a bit of wild child and Sawyer, the town sheriff is far more law abiding than Chloe. As you know with romance they find their way together despite their differences.   In He's So Fine the opening scenes between Olivia and Cole are funny as they find themselves in an hilarious situation when Olivia tries to rescue Cole from drowning. 

The Lucky Harbor series kept me entertained. Sometimes you don't want to read a series that involves your brain being put through the wringer. Or where you need to remember what happened a thousand pages ago.  I recommend this for anyone who wants to read something with a bit of humour, and just wants a fun read. 

If you want to find out more about Jill Shalvis check out her website

Have you read any Jill Shalvis books? What have been your favourites?

Quote 1 - Location 129 - Simply Irresistible
Quote 2 - Location 127 - One in a Million


  1. I discovered Jill Shalvis last year when I was given one of her Lucky Harbor books to review. I have been binging ever since. I don't normally read straight contemporary romance. I read paranormal romance or historical romance or romantic suspense. However, I make an exception for Shalvis. I love her books and look forward to each new one.

    1. That is wonderful to hear Elaine. I binge read them as well and really enjoyed them. I'm the same in that I don't normally read contemporaries. She always manages to make me laugh, which I love.

  2. If you like historicals, I highly recommend Deanna Raybourn's new one - A Curious Beginning. There's not a lot of romance, but you can tell it's coming in later books. The dialogue is laugh out loud funny.

    1. I've never read anything by Deanna. Her name does come up on my recommendations. I'll check her out. Thank you :).


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