What the Wenches Are Reading

For some, light vacation reading is a little more intense
Many Wenches are still enjoying a bit of light vacation reading as our summer nears its end, trying to prolong the carefree days of warm sunshine and freedom before they fade away.

What are you reading this week? We hope you’ll share your latest finds with us in the comments. Who knows, if we find enough good books, perhaps summer will go on and on...

Amanda: I am still reading Magic Shifts, (Kate Daniels #8) by Ilona Andrews. Review coming soon!

Angela: Two books to go and I will have finished the Lucky Harbor series by Jill Shalvis. Currently I'm reading It Had to Be You (Lucky Harbor #7). So rinse, lather, and repeat is the order of my reading life at present. Still enjoying contemporary romances and can't wait to read the next series by Jill Shalvis, Animal Magnetism, as well.

Anne: I didn't do much reading this week. I worked a lot, and my toddler refused his naps the days that I was home. So that made for some awesome days. But lots of driving to work means lots of Outlander! I'm quite enjoying Dragonfly in Amber. Though I think I'm going to take a break after this one and listen to something else, then move on to book 3.

Barb: It's been busy for me this week, with visiting Zee, a short week at work, and preparing for a visit to family. But I did manage to start, devour, and finish Priest by Sierra Simone. I was not going to admit reading this book that Zee recommended, but it was just so good, that not only will I admit I read it, look for a full review soon. I had stopped Down London Road for Priest, but now I'm back to it. We'll see how much I get read in the car. I also listened to A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore on my drive to and from my visit with Zee. I loved Fisher Stevens's narration, and the story was funny and interesting.

Care: Okay, so my whole week has been a blur. I got a new tablet over the break, but after six days it refused to power up anymore, so I spent the week exchanging and re-setting-up a tablet for ereading purposes. Sigh. Anyway, that done, I tested it out with a romp through For The Living... then Learning To Feel... and then Playing for Keeps. I'm now rereading both Playing for Keeps and Cut & Run, and having a grand old time learning how to access all my books at a moment's notice.

Donna: This week I read W is for Wasted by Sue Grafton. I haven't read her alphabet series in a while, and I really enjoyed getting back to an old favorite. I also just started The Rose Garden by Susanna Kearsley.

Kathi: I’m still reading A Storm of Swords, but I’m past the (gruesome, disturbing, and thankfully not a surprise or my family would be peeling me off the ceiling now, like they did after these episodes of the show!!) Red Wedding and the Purple Wedding, and I can see a light at the end of the tunnel! I’m enjoying this book very much! Since I’m an avid Game of Thrones fan, I love seeing and hearing the actors in my head as I read. Casting did an excellent job. One cool thing about knowing what's going to happen is that I can actually recognize and better appreciate the frequent and sometimes snarky foreshadowing. My other big excitement lately has been watching the BBC's remake of Poldark on PBS. I LOVED that series in the 1970s and I LOVED this version, too. One big difference between then and now — now we have DVRs and DVD players, so I can rewatch to my heart's content!!

Merit: All that recent talk about Samantha Young books reminded me that I read her book On Dublin Street a few years ago. So I read it again and then read the second book, Down London Road. I enjoyed these books, hot and sexy romances, a good story line, real fun. I went on to read another of her recommended books, Hero. It didn’t disappoint me, again an angsty, steamy read, enough of a story to interest me. Delightful treats for hot summer nights.

Zee: After Barb's EPIC trip to see me, I managed to finish The Veil, which I LOVED. Promising new series by Chloe Neill that I will definitely be looking forward to! And also managed to finish Priest! Hot priest, HAWT sex, and lots of self realization. What's not to love? Also pitched it to Barb and Amanda when I met them! I also read the sixth installment to Kallypso Masters's Rescue Me Saga, Nobody's Dream, which was SO boring. And disappointing. Her earlier books were way more interesting, this one put me to sleep three nights in a row, and then I just skimmed through it. Big, fat DID NOT FINISH for me.


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