What the Wenches Are Reading


New releases, amazing discoveries, and Wench favorites, oh my! Click through to see who's reading a sweeping epic, who's reading the penultimate installment in a favorite series, who got her hands on an early copy of a Wench favorite, and who insist you extend your TBR with an amazing series.

Be sure and share your recommendations in the comments below!

Amanda:  This week I'm still working on A Feast For Crows by GRRM. I am having such a hard time moving through this one so far. I think it will all come together at some point. I'm just a little baffled right now with some of the storylines and POVs.  

Angela: I have been plodding along with The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon. The end is in sight though and a few great developments in the storyline have perked my interest. I'm enjoying it all in all and while there is no way I'm going to be up to date by June for the new release, my goal is to get up to date on this series this year.

Anne: This week is all Ball & Chain all the time. I've already gotten through it once and now, I'm reading it again. I can't get enough of these books!

Barb: Thanks to some crappy weather I was able to finish The Indigo Spell on Friday, and completely devour The Fiery Heart in two days. I am completely, utterly gobsmacked in love with this series and Richelle Mead. The Fiery Heart is one of the best books I've read in while and I cannot tell enough people that if you haven't read Bloodlines, you must read Bloodlines! Look for a complete gushing rave review soon.

Beta: I had promised myself that I would not pick up another book until I'd finished The Fiery Cross but as soon as felt the spring was in the air I opened up a gardening book. The next day it snowed like crazy and continued for days but I was already so fascinated with square foot gardening that I kept reading about that this week. Gawd I can't wait for spring to come!

Care: This week... Well, first I finished Fish & Chips. Then I read the last chapter of Touch & Geaux... because I got my review copy of Ball & Chain!!!  I read it. Devoured would be more accurate. One sitting, all 350+ pages, It. Was. Incredible.  I have also made my way to about 65% through my reread as well - watch in the coming week for the review!

Donna: This week I read Kim Harrison's The Undead Pool, the SECOND TO LAST Hollows novel. What will I do when there is no more Rachel, Ivy, Jenks, Trent or Al?

Kathi: I laughed…I cried…I swooned…I sighed…. Still rereading and savoring every moment of The Fiery Cross

Merit: I didn’t have much reading time this week, but I did read a short story (136 pages) called Revenge by J.J. Knight, a kind of rocker romance, but it is definitely not a typical one.  It was an intriguing read; too many things are hidden from us. I am still trying to understand what is really going on there, just like Jess, the heroine. (This is part 1 of a 5 parts romance, the first 3 are out). 

Zee: I've had a lot going on and haven't had the time or energy to really sit down and read. But I did manage to read Megan Hart's Every Part of You (thanks to the author and Netgalley) a five-part romantic serial. And once again, H.A.W.T! SO GOOD! LOVED IT! I was initially torn about what book or series I wanted to start again, and was leaning towards a single novel story... but at Barb's urging, I might start Vampire Academy when I get a chance! (and after lots of sleep!)


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