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I'm a bit shy when it comes to publicly fangirling over a real person. It's one thing swooning and sighing and talk fangirlish with your friends, who share your love and understand your inarticulate gibberish. But publicly, where he or she might actually see it — let alone READ it — *gasps*! There's a good chance that if that ever happens, I'll be the one hiding behind a couch totally embarrassed, hoping they'll know I'm not a crazy, stalkerish kind of person. Honestly, I'm not! *closes all the 15 tabs about her new person of interest with shifty eyes* I'm kidding! Fictional characters are so much easier when it comes to that, but nevertheless, I always seem to pick real people for our Fangirl Fridays, like Jennifer Lawrence, or a band, like OMAM, and today is no exception.

Today I want to gush about the actor Nathan Fillion. Many of you might know him as Captain Malcolm Reynolds in Firefly and/or the ever-so-charming and ruggedly-handsome Richard Castle in the TV series Castle. But he's much more than "just" an actor (and a great one if I might add), so I'm going to try to tell you and show you — show you, as in plenty of eye candy, just sayin' — what it is about him that I love so much. So keep reading after the jump...

I couldn't agree more.

Please don't tell him this, but I have to admit that I didn't truly notice Nathan until I started watching Castle... last year, I think. I had seen half an episode here and half an episode there on our public TV station here in Iceland, which I rarely watch, so I never got into it, except that I liked the little I saw. It wasn't really until Zee said I had to watch this show called Castle, it was soooo good, and the actor Nathan Fillion, who played Richard Castle, was to die for. I always listen to Zee (one should always listen to Zee), so I decided to get my hands on the first season. And I did not stop there, I started watching other stuff that he starred in, like Firefly and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, and then I started seeing him in interviews and at Comic Cons, and here I am, fangirling over him. Don't get me wrong, I'd seen him around, like in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Blast From the Past, but apparently I didn't notice or appreciate him like I should have. My bad!

A Man For ALL Occasions

His name is Fillion, Nathan Fillion. A 6' 1½" tall, Canadian-born geek god, born 27 March 1971. He's an actor, he sings, dances, gives to charities, and LOVES to read, and he's a hottie! He's a GEEK; he's articulate, kind, respectful, thoughtful, funny, a prankster, wonderful with his fans, and he treasures his family and friends. I mean, what's not to love?!

Ooh, and if you don't already, you should follow him on Twitter! His tweets are awesomely witty, entertaining, and funny!

How you doin'

Heat Wave

The Geek God... or is it The Greek God? For some, this might seem like a trick question, but when it comes to Nathan Fillion, the answer is both!

Here he's Hermes the Greek God. (source)
Here he's a geek and proud of it, as he should be! (source)

Don't you just luuuuuv a man who can dance? I do, so much! If you ever get lucky enough to have the chance to dance with him, he might try to convince you that he can't dance by saying "I have two left feet, and I left them at home". But don't listen to him — just ignore his humility and dare him to prove it. Why? Check this video out and see for yourself... and excuse me while I do the same... again. *swoooon and fanself*

He also sings. Oh. My. Captain. Dances AND sings! Just these two factors combined in one man makes him fanworthy in my eyes. He might not be Freddie Mercury, but he sure can sing... all the way into my heart... and make it beat like a... hammer.

Every home needs a hammer, that's my motto...

Naked Heat

Did I mention he's hot? So hot that he needs to take off his shirt...

And then...
Yup, that's me alright. Although, there's a sliiight chance
that he's talking about something else...

Heat Rises

Then, as if he weren't adorable and lovable enough.... No, he has to pull out the animal card.

I can't even...

Aaand the baby card. Picture this... oh wait, a warning!

    This might cause or speed up ovulation!!!

So, that being said, picture this:
A charming, handsome, man, an adorably cute baby, and shelves of books, ALL in one picture. What do you get? Voilà!

Yes, I went there.

Frozen Heat

Is all this too hot to handle? Well, just in case it is, let me try to turn down the heat a wee bit.

Nathan Fillion isn't just a ruggedly handsome man (to put it mildly), or just about fun, laughter, and cuteness. Like I said before, he is also kind, generous, thoughtful, and full of awareness. He is a co-founder of the wonderful organization Kids Need to Read, a charity that works to improve the lives of children by bringing literacy back to the forefront of the United States' educational system.

". . . all too often kindness is seen as a weakness. I like kind people. I like hanging out with kind, generous, awesome people. That's not a weakness to me, it's a strength."
"Growing up, my parents managed to show me the importance of reading without cramming it down my throat. A difficult task, I’m sure. It breaks my heart to think that there are kids out there, ready to have their imaginations lit on fire, excited and wanting to read, and facing naked shelves in their school or local libraries. Rather than complain or wait till the system stops failing our nation’s children, this is a matter I feel we must take into our own hands. There are children, right now, waiting — wanting to read. What shall we tell them?

I support Kids Need to Read, because it fosters a desire to learn, the process of self-improvement, and the chance for children's minds to grow. What will you do?"
But with Nathan, you can pretty much guarantee that he'll combine all his kindness and thoughtfulness, then mix it with comedy in his own awesome way. The best way. Here is a video that he and his friend PJ Haarsma, the co-founder of KNTR, made for the literary charity:

Here you can read the behind-the-scenes story, which is such a great story!

Among other things, he also raises money to provide clean drinking water for people in developing nations through the My Charity Water organization, and he has raised money for Operation Smile, by appearing on "Conversations for a Cause" at NerdHQ during Comic Con weekends. If you watch the clips from the Comic Cons, you can see how awesome he is with his fans! Isn't he amazing?!?!

Yeaaah, I know, turning the heat down isn't working at all. Humor and compassion just add to the lovely package that is Nathan Fillion. But hey, I only said that I was going to TRY! Since it didn't work, at least not for me, I might as well just keep going.

Deadly Heat

If all the reasons above aren't enough to love him, I'll say this again: he LOVES to read!! I mean really, really, loves to read!
"Whatever our bedtime was as kids, we could stay up an extra half hour if we were reading. My parents didn't care as long as I was under the spell of a Stephen King or a Douglas Adams."
"Now I read in bed. I read at work. I read standing in line. It’s like, 'Hello, my name is Nathan and I am a reader'."
Some of his favorite books are:


Photo by Peter Yang via Parade Magazine


Isn't he just perfect!?

I could go on and on, seriously and I deliberately didn't go into all his awesome work he's done as an actor, that would probably take a whole post by itself so I think it's best to stop now. But I'm going to leave you with this steaming hawt, entertaining little tidbit. Just watch and listen. Watch. And. Listen.

Nathan Fillion + Reading = Sexy = Reading Is Sexy!

You are welcome.
That is all!

So Saucy Reader, do you love Nathan Fillion as much as I do? When did you first see him? If you aren't that familiar with him did I manage to inspire you to want to check him out? Share your thoughts below!


  1. You are welcome Beta ;) Nathan Fillion is just the most amazing guy <3 and I will never get over how fucking awesome he is in EVERY role! (Mal Reynolds *sigh* Castle *sigh* Captain Hammer, Dr.Adam Mayfair, Johnny in Two Guys, everything) Not to mention he is one half of so many of my fave pics! With Matt Smith, Zachary Levi, Tom Hiddleston..

    I'm going to shut up.. he's the best.

    1. I KNOW!

      It's so hard to shut up once one gets started... he really is the best.

  2. I love how y'all coordinated the quote of the day with the fangirling. :-)

    You have convinced me I need to watch Firefly now. And a few other things. Fun post! I enjoyed it very much.

    1. Yeah, my subconscious was working perfectly when coordinating the posts today! :D

      Thank you, I'm really glad you enjoyed it and yay, have fun watching Firefly!

    2. Firefly is absolutely my favorite TV Show ever. It is witty, funny and intense and the cast is perfection. Nathan Fillion was born to play Captain Mal. If you haven't seen it, you must check it out! (I wouldn't sign this as anonymous, but I don't have any of the accounts listed as choices). Joanna

  3. Oh Beta Beta Beta Beta, you have chosen..... WISELY. It was about the same time I was persuaded by Zee to watch Castle and sswwwwooooooooonnnn DEAD *o*
    OMG that reading ohlalalalalalala.
    He really is something isn't he, fun, talented and just a great human being :)

    1. Thank you Inga :* Yep, "sswwwwooooooooonnnn DEAD *o*" is accurate :)

      IKR?! I loved that reading and seeing the cast having so much fun with it, sigh.

      Yes, he really is :)

  4. What a great post. I really enjoyed reading it. Like Kathi, I need to watch Firefly now. Sigh I'm a little in love with him now, just because Game of Thrones is one of his favourite books.

    1. Thank you Angela, really glad you liked it, mwaah! I think you'll like Firefly. Sadly it was cancelled after only one season but couple of years later they made a film called Serenity which is a continuation of the tv series, so be sure to watch that too.

      Yeah, he really loves the books and the show :) Here's a couple of videos you can check out where he geeks out about both the books and the show, it's adorable!


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