Quote of the Day

He laughed lightly and squeezed her closer. "It gets better, babe. I promise you, it does."

"I want to believe you."
Aidan was quiet for a few seconds. "I wouldn't lie to you."
Simone looked at him, wondering when he'd ever felt pain this way. For everything she knew about him, maybe there would still always be secrets they hadn't shared. "I know you wouldn't, Aidan. But..."
"It will get better," he told her firmly, "Eventually, every pain fades. Even the worst, even the ones that leave scars. And they fade too."
"But they never go away," Simone said, touching one on the inside of her elbow where once, long ago, Aidan had miscalculated and left her with more than a bruise.
"No," he admitted, "They never go away."

Every Part of You : Takes Me by Megan Hart.


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