Review: Night Broken by Patricia Briggs

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It's no secret to our regular readers that I adore the Mercy Thompson books. So, I was over the moon when we were approached by Penguin Publishing with an advanced copy. The other Wenches were gracious enough to let me be the one to review Night Broken. And, I am glad they did. This was a great addition to the Mercy collection. There was everything you could ask for: appearances by most of the Mercy characters, a new monster to defeat and plenty of mercy and Adam time.

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As with all of the Mercy books, I really enjoyed this one! The world Patricia Briggs has created is a great one and I always look forward to a visit to it. Normally, I would have re-read the whole series, or at the least, the last book. But, I have a newborn, so my time is not my own anymore. However, I discovered that Ms. Briggs is quite adept at slipping in reminders about former plot points and characters' traits. This is really helpful for this book. There are a lot of characters from previous books who make appearances, including some of my favorites. I was glad to see them all! And, there are a few mentions of things Mercy has gone through and monsters she and Adam have defeated. I wish I had had the time to re-read, but Ms. Briggs writing helped me remember what I had forgotten.

In the last Mercy adventure, we saw Mercy and Adam's wedding and honeymoon. In Night Broken, we see them living in peaceful marital bliss. But then, Adam's ex-wife Christy calls and shatters the peace in their lives and in the pack. Christy is being stalked by a man she was seeing. He's become violent and Christy is scared. So, as she always does, she calls Adam for help. This is not unusual; he has been helping her in various ways since their divorce, much to Mercy's chagrin. Mercy has never liked Christy, even before she and Adam became involved. Christy is a very passive aggressive and manipulative person, but she does it in such a way that you hardly realize you are being manipulated. Christy's presence causes a lot of tension in the Pack that could cause trouble for them eventually. While I didn't like Christy, she is a very well written character, regardless of how irritating she can be. She really challenges Mercy in a lot of ways and it helps Mercy to do a little personal growing and maturing. 

In addition to the introduction of Christy, we, of course, have a new monster on the block. And, as most of Ms. Briggs' monsters are, this one is based on a legendary tale. This time, the tale is from the Canary Islands, rather than closer to home as these villains usually are. Without giving too much away, this monster is actually a deity, according to legend anyway. One of the things I love about these books is the interesting villains. It's not always just vampires or the Fae or something we've seen before. Ms. Briggs really goes out of her way to find new and interesting villains. Mercy, Adam and the gang have a hard time figuring out what this one is, initially. But, the Pack wins in the end, as always.

Much to my delight, we get some appearances from a lot of the Mercy gang. Tad is sticking around to help Mercy in the shop, since Zee was forced to go back to the reservation. We spend a lot of time with him, which makes up for the lack of Zee. We learn a few new things about Tad and Zee as well, some of which could make for some interesting events to come, should Ms. Briggs decide to use this new information again. We also get to spend a little time with Stefan. I was so excited to see him. He's one of my favorites. We learn an interesting tidbit from him as well. And, of course, we spend a lot of time with the Columbia Basin Pack. We see all the regulars, including my personal favorites, Warren and Ben. We don't see enough of them, in my opinion. I'd read a whole book of Warren and his partner Kyle, and I wouldn't object to Ben having his own book as well!
Along with seeing a lot of familiar faces, we see a couple new ones too. I don't want to give too much about them away. All I will say is there's a wolf, a shifter, and a Fae. I also think that two of those will play an integral part in future stories. Of course, I may be wrong about that. But, my instinct is that at least two of these new characters were introduced for a reason. And, that reason is not just to fill out the world a little more. But, I guess I'll have to wait and see if my instincts are correct.

And, once again, we spend some time dealing with the Fae in this book. Even though they have retreated back to their reservation, they are still causing problems for Mercy. Not Tad or Zee, of course, but the other Fae. They make a demand of her that hangs over her head for the majority of the book. And, of course, with the demand comes a threat of violence....again. Mercy also gets a visit from the walking stick. I don't know what it is about her, but that thing just can not stay away from her for long. Even though the walking stick has already played a pretty big role in Mercy's life, I think it still has some more work to do for her. I think it has some tricks up its' sleeve we haven't seen yet that will help Mercy in her adventures. The Fae themselves also aren't done with Mercy. We've dealt with Fae villains before, but I think there is more still to come from them. It may be a war on humans, or it may be Mercy/Pack specific, but their story isn't done yet.

​So, to wrap up, I very much enjoyed this book. I am also thankful to Penguin Publishing for offering us an advanced copy! This book is well worth your money and your undoubtedly precious reading time. Not only is it a very interesting book in it's own right, I think it also sets up some very interesting stories to come. I love my yearly visits with Mercy, Adam and the rest of the Pack. I can't wait to see what their next adventure is going to be about. I hope you lovely readers enjoy Night Broken as well!

Are you excited for Night Broken? Let me know below and then come back after you're done and let me know what you think!!​
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