Review: Every Part of You by Megan Hart

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Whenever we have a opportunity to read a Megan Hart book, especially when it's before release day, we jump at the chance. So when we were offered the opportunity to read Ms. Hart's next project, an e-book serial being released in five parts, Zee and I were all over that. I had heard about e-book serials, but hadn't read any, so I thought this would be interesting. Turns out I don't follow directions very well, and my patience does not extend to reading good stories. 

Did I enjoy the story, despite my rule-breaking tendencies? Or did I find that breaking up the story impaired my enjoyment? Click through read my spoiler-free review and find out!

Tempts Me:

I don't think I'm cut out for serial reading, because I waited until I could get my hands on all five parts of this story to read it. It was an intriguing premise, and this first part hooked me enough to keep reading. We got a glimpse of how damaged Elliot is and how self-aware Simone is, so it was apparent there would be issues with these two developing a relationship. This part was certainly good enough to keep me reading...

Resists Me:

This part kept me reading until after midnight! Simone and Elliot's first interlude was so hot. Like, so hot I can't even form coherent thoughts about the rest of this section. Hawt. I feel so shallow, because usually I can discuss the characters and the plot and exactly why I loved or hated what I read. But with this section, all I can think about is how hot it was. Maybe if I try using a different word it won't sound so shallow. Simone and Elliot together are incredibly sexy, in spite of how hard he tries not to want to be with her. Ah, good, that's a little less shallow. Moving on to the next part...

Denies Me and Taunts Me:

Okay, I'll be honest, I couldn't be a good little reader/reviewer and read these one piece at a time. I'm far too impatient when it comes to books that have grabbed my attention. I read parts 3, 4, and 5 one right after the other, in less than a day, so I don't remember which plot points happened in which book. I know that I really enjoyed the overall story, so skip to part 5 where I'll discuss why.

Takes Me:

This was the first Megan Hart book I read that actually felt like erotica to me. Sure, there were some pretty serious issues that Elliot dealt with, and the communication problems the kept Simone and Elliot from committing to a relationship were real, serious problems, but there wasn't anything that rocked my world, ripped my heart out, and left me crying for days. Which is what many of her other books, also classified as erotica, have done to me, such as Broken and Dirty. This was a nice change of pace because, for the most part, it was a sexy read, a fun interlude, rather than a soul shredder. We all need that once in a while, and I really enjoyed this book/serial. 

Bottom Line:

I really enjoyed this story, although I read it as a single book, which makes me a cheater pants. As of the publishing of this review, you'll be able to purchase the first four installments and will have to wait about a week to pick up the last part. It's a great read, sexy and enjoyable, not nearly as heavy as some of Ms. Hart's other works, which is often exactly what the doctor ordered. I would absolutely read this again, and would definitely recommend it to a friend looking for a sexy read, with interesting characters.

Wench Rating:


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