Ty & Zane: A Look Back

​​Regular readers here ​k​now that some of us Wenches are rather obsessed with fond of a little series called Cut & Run by Abigail Roux (with Madeline Urban ​co-authoring the earlier books). We just can't get enough of Ty Grady, Zane Garrett, and the rest of the wonderful, crazy characters that Ms. Roux has created. I've read this series four times in the last year. ​But, on this last read through, I discovered quite a few quotes, thoughts and sentiments, mostly from Zane's perspective, in the earlier books that were repeated later on in the series​ or turned out to foreshadow upcoming events​. I love them so much that I wanted to compile those for you (but mostly me) as a sort of Cut & Run retrospective.

So, enjoy a healthy dose of Cut & Run quotes​ and a walk down memory lane with Ty & Zane​ after the jump.....

PS: I think a spoiler warning is implied by the nature of the post, but just in case: 


The boys have gone through a lot together, but they always come out ok in the end. So, first, let's see how their relationship started out....

Working Life 

We all know Ty & Zane first met at work. When the books started out I never would have guessed that even though Zane started out thinking of Ty like this:
"But he couldn't help thinking of Tyler Grady as a snake that might strike at a critical moment and poison his fragile job security. He could already tell this wasn't going to be easy. Actually, he could already tell it was going to beyond hard as hell."
Cut & Run
In the span of just one book, Zane would go from barely being able to be in the same room as Ty to refusing to have another agent as a partner...
"Get your head wrapped around the idea of a few easy assignments and a new partner while you're at it," Burns instructed. Zane's gut clenched painfully. "I've told you. I don't want a new partner. What happened to my old partner?"
Cut & Run 
And then, in their latest adventure, they are two years into their partnership.
"The first eighteen years were easy," he said, deadpan, drawing laughter as he jabbed Ty in the ribs with an elbow. "But the last two were fun."​
Touch & Geaux
But, first, Zane has to learn how to handle Ty and what he needs to learn to keep him in line.
Zane was going to need to figure out how to tune him out. Otherwise, he just might give in to the pressure and kill the bastard, for the good of humanity. Cut & Run
It doesn't take him long. In the very next book, Zane has learned a few tricks.

Zane had learned not long after they'd been reassigned that he didn't have to 
stick around to deal with Ty's verbal sparring. 
Sticks & Stones
At least he wasn’t humming or whistling anymore. Or, God forbid, singing. Zane always knew there was trouble coming when Ty started making up his own words to “Battle Hymn of the Republic.”  
Sticks & Stones
Their growing personal relationship complicates their work relationship. They have some decisions to make about how they are going to deal with the work place rules. For a while they keep it a carefully guarded secret. But then, after their declarations of love...

​"I don't care if they know. I don't care if anyone knows anymore...I think we take our chances when we get home....They'd just reassign us partners within the work group. We'd still be working together. 
Armed & Dangerous

That all changes when they get home to discover that two other co-workers were discovered to be dating and one of them was transferred to another state to set an example.

They had planned to be out and open when they got home, planned to move in together and stop feeling like they needed to hide. Now, though...   
Armed & Dangerous

But, then, Ty gets his redeployment orders and everything changes again.​
Ty's hands moved to the small of his back and he held him tight, bending him just enough for Zane to have to wrap his arms around him to keep from falling. He kissed him again. In front of their coworkers. In front of King and Country and anyone who would watch. It was the first purely honest kiss they'd ever shared.And it was a kiss goodbye. 
Touch & Geaux
Getting to know Ty

To say Ty takes some getting used to would be an understatement. At first, Zane is amazed that anyone would even bother with Ty long term...
​"​You mean you actually date? You must pick some real winners. I need to meet one of them, Zane said with obvious snark in his voice.​ "Good luck with that," Ty said sarcastically.  Cut & Run

Zane will come to rue that statement.... 
"Mommy told me to find someone with FBI on their clothes. Then I saw you talking to Ty, so I knew you would be safe. He and Mommy used to date," she told Zane with all the tact of an eight-year-old.
Divide & Conquer
"Grady and Preston were both after the same mark in Paris a few years ago," Julian said to Zane. "They met during what I hear was a drunken, debauched night of....selling antiques..." 
Armed & Dangerous 
"Ava?" Zane asked. Ty nodded. Nick snorted. "The girl who tried to kill you with a cleaver?"(snip)"Tyler Beaumont," she said."Hello, Ava," Ty responded....​ 
Touch & Geaux
"My name's Liam. Liam Bell."Zane offered his hand and his name...(snip)"So, if Liam Bell was the team leader, he was buddied with Ty."(snip).....Zane sighed. He knew Ty's M.O. "Were you involved with him?"Ty finally looked up and met his eyes. He nodded jerkily. 
Touch & Geaux 
As their relationship progresses, Ty & Zane both have to learn that the other needs a little time to process things.
Zane didn't know what else there was to do. He'd learned that sometimes the best thing to do with Ty was to wait. Sometimes his partner needed time to work up to what he wanted to say, and sometimes he never said anything at all.
Sticks & Stones 
Zane hadn't said anything, but Ty knew he was processing. He'd probably come up in a week or a month or a year and want to discuss it. 
Touch & Geaux 
Before Zane can even admit to his love for Ty, he begins to think of making their relationship a little more permanent. 
He felt their rings lightly knock together. At that moment it made him want things he knew he couldn't have and shouldn't want, but Zane squeezed Ty's fingers gently anyway​.

Fish & Chips

Eventually, Ty & Zane are happily in love and living together. Zane starts to think those permanent thoughts a little more seriously. Even going so far as to admit to them to his disapproving mother.

"​Ty's not just my partner and he's not just my friend. And he's certainly not uninvited or unwelcome. He's my boyfriend, we've been living together for almost a year now, and he's not leaving...And, I've been seriously thinking about asking him to marry me." 
Stars & Stripes
Finally, he works up the courage to propose.... 
"Jesus Christ, Ty,​​​ I thought I was going to marry you. Did you know that? I've been trying to decide how to ask you for months! 
Touch & Geaux
But, as we know, everything goes to hell in a hand basket after that. Fortunately, Touch & Geaux resolves the worst of their issues by the end of the book. However, Zane never does propose. 
​Along with the proposal debacle, Ty & Zane work through some other issues in Touch & Geaux. The worst one being Ty's assignment from Richard Burns.  You all know the one. Zane takes that news extremely badly, which is a bit of an understatement. Even though Ty tries to justify his actions...

"I was doing what I had to do to stay with you." Touch & Geaux

Zane wants no part of it. Even though, after their very first assignment, he says nearly the very same thing.

"I would have done anything. Anything to get back to you. I can't say I'm sorry for that."Cut & Run

Maybe if Zane had remembered this, he wouldn't have been as mad at Ty as he was. Thankfully for our collective feels, they work it out in the end.
Even though the boys have worked through a lot of their problems, as with every relationship, some things never change. 
 ​....​So far, Ty just made him want to reach out and throttle the shit out of him.​
Cut & Run
​For over two months now, he'd been waking to Ty's arms wrapped around him every morning, and sometimes he wondered if he deserved it. Other times, he pondered how many tranquilizers it would take to bring Ty down, and whether he could do it before Ty killed him...
Stars & Stripes
​What is it about you that makes me want to chuck everything and just fuck you again? He asked seriously. Ty blinked in surprise and turned his head slightly. ​"​Must be the Old Spice,​"​ he joked weakly.
Cut & Run​
​"I mean.... what the hell?" Ty laughed. "What brought this on?"
Zane sighed in satisfaction, stepped close, and kissed Ty soundly. "Must be the Old Spice."
Stars & Stripes​
Ty's Type

Much to Zane's frustration and our amusement, Ty has a very specific type when it comes to men. 
"Why, you planning on shooting me in the ass when I turn around," Ty asked sarcastically as he reached for the holster. "Tempting, but you'd probably get off on it," Zane said, holding out his hand. "Maybe so," Ty drawled again, grinning widely as he placed the gun in Zane's hand.
Cut & Run
Give the man a weapon and suddenly he was all smiles again. Come to think of it, that was probably one of the traits that kept Ty interested. 
Fish & Chips
"Do you have a history with every guy with a gun in the Northern Hemisphere?"
Armed & Dangerous
​Zane barked a laugh. "Your type is a gun." "Whatever Zane."
Touch & Geaux
Ty & the Marines

Ty is a marine. No ifs, ands or buts about it. That is a defining aspect of who he is. Zane has always seen that in him.
"You still are a Marine", he said. Ty stopped his movements and cocked his head at Zane, trying to decide whether he was serious or just humoring him. "My brother-in-law's a Marine", Zane said. "He always said you're one for life." He waited for Ty's response. Ty's eyes darted over Zane thoughtfully. "He was right," he murmured finally... 
Cut & Run
Suddenly it struck Zane as a tragedy that Ty was no longer in the Corps. The hint of melancholy he had noticed in Ty's eyes upon occasion made perfect sense now, and the realization settled unhappily in the pit of Zane's stomach. Ty had been happy in the Marines. He had to miss it.
Divide & Conquer
imageEven though Zane says it is a tragedy that Ty is no longer in the Corps, I think he changes his mind when he learns that Ty has been keeping a secret from him...
​Ty struggled to meet Zane’s eyes as he began to speak. “I was never completely discharged from the Marines.”Zane barked a laugh. “You’re so full of shit.”“I’m not joking, Zane.”
Touch & Geaux
As soon as we read that, we all know that's not the end of it. Abi won't just let their contract expire quietly. Then, just as we think we're in the clear for this heartache packed book, this happens:
​The Marine gave a curt shake of his head and stepped forward, handing Ty a blue packet of papers. “I’m here to inform you that you have been recalled to active duty, Staff Sergeant, by special authority of the SOCOM initiative you agreed to when you were formerly released.”
Touch & Geaux

That's what we were left with, Ty heading off to war again. And we are stuck waiting just like Zane.

I can't wait to read the next chapter in Ty and Zane's lives. I love this series more than I've loved any other series in my life, save The Lord of the Rings. I also can't wait to see if any other statements or thoughts are repeated or turn out to be foreshadowing.

Kelly & Bisexuality

Speaking of foreshadowing, as a final bit of fun before I go, I want to go over some things about Kelly. I know there were some fans that were upset about his burgeoning relationship with Nick. They think his bisexuality came out of nowhere. But, if you look back, there were some clues, even though Abi didn't intend to plant them.

First, we have Kelly's support of Ty after he comes out and Owen reacts poorly.
"Owen, man, its not like its catching or anything," Kelly said quietly as he sat back in his chair. 
Divide & Conquer

That on its own wouldn't be too telling, but then Ty gives us this little tidbit:
"Kelly was.... very interested in the logistics of it all." 
Divide & Conquer
Then, in Touch & Geaux, Kelly wants to know everything about Ty's relationship with Turner, everything.​​...
​Kelly shook his head.“No promises. And don’t leave out the skeevy parts.” 
Touch & Geaux
​After watching Ty & Zane kiss, Kelly beings to express more interest in the inner workings of their relationship. ​
“I find myself fascinated by it,” Kelly said as he stared at Ty. “I can’t even come up with an appropriate comparison.”
Touch & Geaux
Later in the book, Nick & Kelly continue to show a closer relationship than the others. They fall asleep on the floor with Kelly's head on Nick's stomach. They lean against each other in the police station. When Kelly is shot, Nick takes it much harder than any of the others.
​Shortly after the events in Touch & Geaux, Kelly​ just can't let go of the idea of being with another man. Prompting Nick to say...
“You a little bi-curious, Doc?”    Kelly laughed again, holding his side in a wasted attempt to keep it from hurting. “I don’t know.”    “You don’t know?” Nick teased. “Either you’re curious or you’re not.”   “I guess. I mean, I like sex.”
Shock & Awe
​Finally, Kelly works up the courage to experiment.​
“Hey, Irish?”    Nick turned to him, the beginnings of a smile on his face.   “Will you kiss me?​"
Shock & Awe
Then, a scant three months later, he's not only in a relationship with his oldest friend, they've progressed to this:​
Kelly was grinning against his lips as he nodded. “Does this mean I get to say I love you and you have to say it back?”    Nick chuckled. “Yeah. That’s what it means.”    Kelly pressed his forehead to Nick’s. “I love you, Nick O’Flaherty​."
Bait & Switch
So, yes, maybe their relationship has been moving at warp speed, but I can't say that Kelly's bisexuality has come out of the blue.

I hope you all have enjoyed this trip down the Cut & Run memory lane. What's your favorite scene or quote? Did I mention it here? Did you see another thought or statement that we see again that I missed? Sound off below!!
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