What the Wenches Are Reading

The Wenches seem to be all over the literary map this week! From our favorite shifters, federal agents, and vampires to new-to-us books, anthologies, historical intrigue, and a continuing epic, our choices are as varied as we are this week.

Click through to see what we're reading, and be sure to share your choices in the comments below!

Amanda: A Storm of Swords by GRRM. Still. It's so good, I never want it to end. 

Angela: I finally got around to reading Shock & Awe by Abigail Roux.  I still have to say I don't really buy Kelly and Nick as a couple. This might be due to the book, only being just over 100 pages. While I love Ty and Zane, I'm not so crazy about this new pairing.

Anne: I'm in the middle of Night Broken, the next Mercy Thompson book. I'm really enjoying, but I wish I had had time to re-read the other books. Or at least the last one. I know there are some thing I'm forgetting from the previous books, but Patricia Briggs is pretty good about putting reminders in the text.

Barb: Since last week I finished Last Sacrifice, the final Vampire Academy book. I got spoiled on three of the major plot points, so I was disappointed that I didn't love it as much as I should have. Actually, I'm still really bummed that it wasn't as spectacular for me as the first three books. I am eager to read the Bloodlines series now, because I am eager to learn more about Sydney and to see Adrian get the happiness that he deserves. In the meantime I am rereading House Rules, with the intention of rereading the last three Chicagoland Vampires books, partly because I haven't read those three books nearly enough, and partly to cure my latest book hangover.

Beta: This week I read Wild Things and I absolutely loved it. I will admit that there is one development that I'm not sure how I feel about and right now I, personally, am not very excited and a wee bit annoyed and worried about it but I'm going to wait and see how it all turns out and see if Chloe Neill can change my mind 'cause if anyone can I believe she can. I did think the reaction it got in the book was pretty adorable though. There are so many things I loved in this book, the plots, the way the story is heading (although I do have some concerns), the conversations, the characters, new, like Damien and Emma! and old, like Mallory who sure has made me like her again and way more than I did in the beginning. And then there's Ethan and Merit, WOW, it is a amazing to see how far they've come, together and seperately and such a joy to read! So many awesome things. Bravo Chloe Neill. Bravo.

Care:  This week, I went through First Drop of Crimson (I do love Spade) and then Eternal Kiss of Darkness (with my beloved Mencheres)... and once I plowed through those two, finally putting Night Huntress to bed, I picked up Cut & Run, in preparation for the Release of Ball & Chain in a month - OMG, A MONTH!  I'm now just shy of halfway through, and I expect to be done and moving on well head of next week.

Donna: I think I sound like a broken record, since I'm still reading Dangerous Women! Maybe it's just me, but this book is taking me forever to read. I think I've discovered one downside to reading ebooks...you don't have the same appreciation for the length of a book. I've a feeling this is a huge tome a la Outlander or Game of Thrones. Hmmm - it was edited by GRRM himself (I think I have it figured out now). LOL

Kathi: I’m halfway through Wolf Hall this week. It is still slow going because the voice is very hard to follow. But seeing the story (and characters) of Henry VIII’s fight against the Catholic Church from the perspective of Thomas Cromwell is interesting and completely different than any other book or movie/tv series I’ve run across on the subject.

Merit: So far, no reading for me this week, as I'm traveling in the Far East. For those of you who have read CLV, this week I saw and learned a lot about Lakshmi and other members of the Hindu mythology. I also saw a beautiful statue of Nagini; those of you who read Harry Potter know that snake. In the Hindu mythology, Nagini is a snake woman.
Natalie: This past week I did manged 302 pages of First Drop of Crimson in my atempt to re read the Night Huntress and the Night Huntress World series.  I have to say when the work week goes full effect I become useless when it comes to reading.  So my goal is to keep chugging away at the series.  I did buy Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin as the previews for the movie look fantastic!  I don't want to watch the movie until I've read the book.  So stay warm for those Northern Hemisphere Wenches and fans and stay cool to those in the southern parts!


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