Quote of the Day

Mallory moved back to me and linked an arm in mine, displacing Ethan as my hiking partner.

"I think you just got jealous," she whispered.

"I'm not jealous. But I am more than 'a girl he went to high school with.' "

She snorted. "What did you want him to say? That you're the girl he's pined over since he made the regretful decision to break up with you in high school? Which was ten years ago, I'll point out."

"No," I said, drawing out the word to emphasize just how silly that thought was." "But maybe something along the lines of, 'This is Merit, sentinel of Cadogan House, protector of the weak, defender of the innocent'?"

"Yeah. Let me know when the Avengers come calling. In the meantime, while he does have a very curvy Yvette, you have an Ethan Sullivan."

"I hate it when you have a point"

"I'm wise beyond my years."

Wild Things
~~Chloe Neill


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