Quote of the Day

...Then I drove long enough to ditch the car in a dark, deserted area before yanking the blond employee close and vaulting upward into the night.
Too late, I realized my mistake. I'd ordered the man not to speak; I hadn't ordered him not to be afraid. When we were about a mile up, something warm soaked through my jeans. A glance down confirmed my suspicions.
"Eww, you peed on me?" {snip}
Damn, Ian was already here. I braced myself as he came out from behind the RV. He sniffed, his nose wrinkling. Then he looked over me and my blond captive, grinning.
"Managed to squeeze in a golden shower along the way? How lecherous. I'm impressed."

~~Up from the Grave, Jeaniene Frost


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