Quote of the Day

"Majestic," Bones greeted the woman seated on a plush recliner chair, nodding his head respectfully."

But when I came out from behind him and saw Marie more clearly, my polite hello vanished under a burst of laughter. On the floor right next to her smart little heels was a pale container of plastic-wrapped poultry, and I didn't have to look at the label to guess what kind.
"A headless chicken," I said once I'd gotten my laughter under control. "Very cool."
Bones arched a brow at me, not knowing that upon first meeting the ghoul queen of New Orleans, I'd commented that I was sure she'd be holding a headless chicken considering her fearsome voodoo reputation. Apparently, she'd remembered that, yet another example of the sly humor lurking underneath her whole Queen of the Damned demeanor. 
"It was the best I could do under short notice," Marie replied with an elegant shrug.

This Side of the Grave, Jeaniene Frost.


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