Thursday, February 6, 2014

Quote of the Day

"The day you love anyone but yourself, is the day I'll take your marital advice, Ian," Bones bit back in an icy

"Then today is that day," Ian replied sharply, "for I love you, you wretched, pig-headed, guttersnipe. I also love that arrogant, overpriviledged dandy smirking at us" -a wave indicated Spade, whose aforementioned smirk vanished- "as well as the emotionally fractured, malfunctioning psychic who sired me. And you Crispin, love a bloodthirsty hellion who's probably killed more people in her thirty years than I have in over two centuries of living, so again I say don't bother trying to convince her she isn't who she is." 

Up From the Grave 
~~Jeaniene Frost

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