What the Wenches Are Reading

Collage by Olga Daniels
Five of the seven Wenches checking in this week are getting ready for the release of Up from the Grave, in just two weeks (!), by revisiting one of our very favorite UF/PNR series, Night Huntress. We are so excited, and a little melancholy at the same time, since UFTG will be the last in the series. But we'll have much more to say on that topic in the next couple of weeks.

Wenches not consumed by the Night Huntress world this week are reading new-to-us choices that cross a variety of genres. Click through to see what those choices are, and tell us what you're reading, in the comments below!

Amanda: I'm still chugging away with A Storm of Swords; at approx. 25% now. I'm on the edge of my seat almost every chapter (except Daenerys *yawn*). I have serious anxiety anticipating the Red Wedding because I still don't know what happens. I'm seeing Robb's plans fall apart before my very eyes, with bad decision after bad decision (including his meddlesome mother). I'm seeing poor Sansa about to get screwed again. Quit dreaming Little Bird, there's no happy ending for you. There seem to be a lot of paths crossing in Westeros, a lot of coincidences. On a good note, Go Samwell Tarly! Way to man up and kill the Other! This is just what he needed, a confidence boost.
Barb: I read Howling for You last week, on release day. I may or may not have snuck in my reading while at work. But I admit to nothing. I love Jeff; like crazy, stupid, I-had-know-idea-he-was-THAT-awesome, love. I was also surprised to fall for Fallon. She's pretty spectacular. I also finished This Side of the Grave and moved on to One Grave at a Time in my Night Huntress reread. I'm enjoying OGAAT much more than I remember enjoying when I read it before. The story has really grabbed me, and I don't actually remember what happens. Also I forgot how fabulous Tyler is, reminding me so much of Lafayette from that TV show that we don't talk about around here.

Beta: This week I've been working a lot, knitting and crocheting a lot while watching TV so I've only managed to read a several chapters in Ósjálfrátt by Auður Jónsdóttir but I really like what I've read so far.
Care: This week has been so hectic!  It's been Christmas Mark II at our house, and with a kindy-aged child in the house, that means all kinds of madness, mess, and fun! However, I was able to sneak away a little time to read through Club Dishabille getting ready for my review, and an upcoming surprise.  This coming week... I'm looking forward to getting back into Night Huntress, finishing up the series, and maybe even making some progress on something new... unless something well-loved calls me back first...
Kathi: I continued my Night Huntress reread this week with One Foot in the Grave. Forcing myself to reread the chapter where Cat and Annette duke it out (one of my favorite scenes!) plus the infamous chapter 32 was arduous (*fanself*), but I persevered. My reading time was also greatly diminished due to excessive fangirling over the Starz Outlander fan events in Los Angeles, which they were nice enough to stream online so that I could watch them over and over. Sam/Jamie competing with Bones for my attention...sigh, a tough week for me, ladies! ;-)

Merit: I am on a reread journey of the Night Huntress series. So far Cat and Bones are as great as ever, I reread books 1-3. I really forgot how much I enjoyed them. In between these books I tried to relax with a new book (for me): Seduction and Snacks by Tara Sivec (Chocolate lovers #1). It has so many recommendations on Goodreads and Amazon, I thought to myself: why not? It is a funny romance story, both sarcastic and hotly sweet, and a little heavy on potty humor. I really laughed my way through the book, bear in mind that there are a lot of crude, even vulgar jokes, explicit sexual references and the words vagina, penis and orgasm are almost in every page. Ahm, not really relaxing. 
Zee: I've been making my way through the Night Huntress series, I finished the first four, and the two Night Huntress World books (Gotta love Spade and Mencheres) and am really enjoying myself! Once I'm done with the last two books, I'll be A) Waiting anxiously for Up From The Grave! and B) Reading Jaye Wells's Dirty Magic!


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