Fangirl Friday: Rockin' it OOOOOLD School Egyptian Style!

So, the first thing I need to do is tell you all a little bit about me. I'm a logical, methodical person. I like to put things into order, to make sense of chaos, and to make sure all my ducks are in lovely little rows. I'm also extremely formal on a first meeting, but once you get to know me, I'm all kinds of strange and complicated.

They say that like attracts like. Thus, it came as no surprise to me that in reading through Night Huntress, I gravitated to exactly one character. Don't get me wrong, I like a lot of them. Bones and his Chapter 32, Spade and his "I kept the shower cold on purpose" and Ian with his crazy sense of adventure and humor... I love them all. But my favorite, the one who calls to me, the one whose book I go back and read over... and over... and over again?

Mencheres. Every time. I absolutely adore him. Click through the jump, and I'll tell you why!

Love that about him!

As I said, like attracts like. Mencheres is very logical, very methodical. He knows what needs to be done, and makes sure to take care that all the steps are followed so that, whatever it is, is done properly. He's brilliant, because he's older than dirt, but also because he just is, and he is so very difficult to get to know - on the inside.

Mencheres is ancient, literally. He is approximately 4'000 years old, a former Pharaoh of Egypt - specifically Menkaure. This makes my homeschooling heart a little giddy, as we're studying ancient Egypt, and I get to teach my child about the pyramids, and how Menkaure's grandfather built the Great Pyramid of Giza, and Menkaure's is the smallest of the three large pyramids, and how benevolent a ruler he was... but I digress. I get my fiction and fact a little turned around, what with Mencheres actually being Menkaure and all.

Well, in his case, looking that way isn't!

Nowadays, being a Cara from suburban Chicago, I entertain myself deliberately misreading "Kira," and I pretend to have just a little inside knowledge when it comes to ancient history. Of course, I'm only getting private giggles out of this (I'm not actually teaching my child that the Pharaohs were vampires!) but it's fun all the same. I find these things in the most unexpected places! Mencheres, as well, is perpetually full of surprises. We see him calm and stoic, and most people seem to initially view him as being much older (when he was turned) than the others we meet - I personally thought he was in his 40s at his change. Turns out... NOPE! Mencheres was turned in his early 20s, surprising the bejeebers out of everyone when he turns up at Disney looking like a disgruntled teen.

Mencheres... In addition to the surprise of his physical age, is also intelligent, strategic, logical, and often hides behind that logic, rather than grow attached to people or places that may soon be gone. He grows tired, he learns quickly, he realizes that perhaps there is more to life than just living, and he jumps in with both feet, bright and brilliant and passionate, and I love him beyond reason for it.

Jeaniene Frost creates some spectacular characters - some folks love Cat, others worship Bones... There's the faction lining up behind Vlad... But for me? It's Mencheres. Every time, every instance, Mencheres will always be my downfall, and the reason I'm sucked back into the Night Huntress world.

How about you? Do you love Mencheres for a different reason - or love a different character? Tell me your thoughts!


  1. I love Mencheres, he's amazing. And I can't imagine that there are many who could handle all the power that he has and do it as well has he does. Plus he's vibratingly sexy ;)


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