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It's that time of year where everyone is doing awards and it just seemed fitting that we would have our very own Saucy Wench awards for 2013. Below are some of our most popular posts from the previous year and it's only fitting that they get another shout out for just how fabulous they were. So take a walk with us down memory lane and see what our readers enjoyed.

Most Popular Post - Fangirl's Friday Diana Gabaldon

As followers of the blog may have realised, many of us have fallen a little (okay a lot) in love with the writing of one Diana Gabaldon. Wench Kathi wrote an in-depth, insightful and informative piece on Gabaldon. What was so wonderful and obviously our followers agreed was that this piece was more about Diana Gabaldon, the person and the writer as opposed to being strictly about the Outlander series. Here is a little snippet from Kathi's post.
Until last spring, I’d never heard of this woman, deferentially referred to as Herself by legions of fans who eagerly await the next books in her phenomenally popular Outlander and Lord John Grey series. I was about 20 years late to the Outlander party, but my belated enthrallment is deep and shows no sign of abating in the next few decades. - Kathi

A worthy winner of the Saucy Wench Award for most popular piece.

Most Popular Rant - What Hurts the Most

Every now and then we need a good rant and this rant on Dead Ever After was our most popular rant of the year. We needed to voice how we felt, our dissatisfaction with our treatment as readers and just to clear the air. Plus we haven't seen a catastrophic ending to a series ever!!!! Check below for a little sample from Veronica as to why Charlaine Harris is dead to us, ever after.

"Also, I've learned in these past two weeks that any dissent or negative emotional reaction to THE BOOK is seen as a personal attack on THE AUTHOR. I'm not sure who should be insulted on this one. Me, because you think I can't separate a work from its creator, or you, because you can't do so. The author can do what she wants. I ain't mad atcha. But it doesn't mean I have to like it, and it doesn't mean I have to accept it lying down."

Most Popular Book Review - Dead Ever After Review

This review certainly struck a cord. In our wisdom we turned the review of Dead Ever After into a drinking game. It was the only way to handle the clusterfuck that we found ourselves reading. So with our wine and our Baileys we indulged and read the book under blurry eyes. Tears and book burnings may have ensued. RIP Eric Northman, Sookie Stackhouse and Pam Ravenscroft. You deserved a far more satisfactory and logical ending than you were dealt.

Most Popular Wench Favorites Post - My Dream Cast - Chicagoland Vampires

Our resident expert on Dream Casts around here is Wench Anne. Her Chicagoland Vampires casting was wildly popular. I may have sighed a little when I saw Nikolaj Coster-Waldau made it into her casting choices or Alexander Skarsgard made the grade as the drool worthy Ethan Sullivan. What we loved about doing Dream Casts that it allows us to show how we imagine characters to be, simply from reading words on the written page. Plus they provide a great opportunity for us to debate as we don't always agree on our favourites.

Most Popular Man Candy Post - Tainted Love

We all love a bad boy or in the case of this post, a bad villain. You know you love Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman or Tom Hiddleston as Loki. There is just something about a bad boy that sends shivers of delight up and down our spines. To quote from Zee's post "There are those who are almost dangerously attractive to us. We know we shouldn't, but we can't help it!" I concur Zee.

Most Popular Wench Fun Post - Fangirl Friday - Jeaniene Frost

This year we started up the popular Fangirl Friday segment and it allowed Wench Donna to express her absolute delight in the world of Jeaniene Frost. Plus it meant that blog readers could learn about some of the things that make Frost tick. We've decided she has excellent taste in television and is basically Superwoman in disguise.

Most Popular Quote of the Day - Margaret Atwood  15/01

I asked Naomi about why she loved this quote so much and here is her response. I chose this quote for a few reasons. First of all, I love this book, Cat's Eye, it's my number one among Margaret Atwood books. Second, I feel this quote has so much to tell, almost any/every (?) woman can relate to it. Elaine, the heroine, has to come to terms with her past, in order to continue her life. Although I grew up in a different place and culture, the story made me think about my my life, my childhood, about making choices in life. Third, it is full of emotions, love, hate, laugh, betrayal, regrets... There is an entire story in this quote. There are so many great quotes in the book, I had a hard time selecting one. I think it's a great example of Margaret Atwood's talent with words.

Most Popular Erotica Post - Blog Tour Tear You Apart by Megan Hart

This blog tour ended up being our most popular erotica post. When the amazing Megan Hart agreed to let us be part of her blog tour for Tear You Apart we were ecstatic. She is very popular among many of the Wenches and we can't wait to read her next book.

Most Popular Fantasy Post - The Night Angel Trilogy

This was a new-to-us fantasy series this year. The Night Angel by Brent Weeks. It's fair to say, I have now <s>obsessively</s> diligently read all of Brent's work in 2013. What set this series apart was that they were concise in execution, engrossing and of course who doesn't love an author who isn't afraid to kill characters off once their usefulness has expired. There are a few authors who could take note of that particular trait or have their characters leave the country forever. 

Most Popular Best Books You Aren't Reading - Why Isn't Everyone Reading Mercy Thompson?

This post encourage me to pick up the Mercy Thompson series and I have to say, I've enjoyed what I've read so far. If you want kick-ass, brave and tattooed, then this series is a must read.

The other thing I love most about Mercy is her sense of humor. It's sarcastic, a little dark, and a little spiteful. When her neighbor, the delicious Adam Hauptman (who I'll get to in just a minute), complains about the broken-down car in her yard, she makes it worse. Any time he does something to make her angry, she pulls off a door, or a tire or something to make his view just a tad more annoying. She even goes so far as to spray paint his phone number under the words For a good time call across the hood. - Anne describing one of reasons this series is a must read.

Best Wench Event - Chloe Neill Chicago Book Signing

Four lucky Wenches met up in Chicago, USA (Some of us may have been a little jealous, but also freakin happy that the event occurred), in order to meet one of our most popular authors in these parts, Chloe Neill. Due to the bravery of one Wench--okay, it was Natalie--they had dinner with her. Squeee. Check out a small slice of Care and Natalie's fangirling.

They were pretty much
dancing with happiness
Care: NATALIE! It’s The day after. I *still* cannot believe that really went down! The fact that I might have a possible guest spot in my FAVORITE book blog... Oh, and we met and had DINNER with Chloe Neill!

Natalie: Yes, Care, it really did happen! Everything from that fantastic (I really need to go to Le Chocolat Café again) hot chocolate to deep dish with Chloe Neill.

Best Fangirl Moment - Barb meeting Chloe Neill.

This was one of the highlights of the Wench year (and we are looking forward to many more like it). Barb is our Head Wench, organiser and our keeper on task. She does a really, great job and so it was with amazement that we heard when Barb met Chloe Neill she was speechless. I kid you not!!! We were so happy for Barb and we think this picture sums it up perfectly. Barb, Best. Picture. Of. The. Year.  Let's hope we get more like this next year.

So our awards are done and dusted. We've had a lot of fun over the past twelve months. Thanks for reading our posts and we can't wait to see what fun we can have in the next year.

Do you have a favourite post from 2013? If so let us know below.


  1. That photo of Barb still cracks me up! Now my goal is to be able to capture that face again in some other type of awesome shenanigans!!!!!


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