Quote of the Day


My lashes fluttered open to meet a pair of dark brown eyes.

Bones sat on the bed. Or the remains of it.

Lucidity returned with a vengeance. He laughed at the color that immediately scalded my face.

"And there is my payment, the rubies in your cheeks. Are you properly scandalized by your wicked behavior?

If you were Catholic, you'd singe the ears of the priest you confessed to. Do you remember making me swear to repeat all those naughty actions again, no matter what you said this morning?"

Now that he brought it up, I did recall saying that. Great. Betrayed by my own immorality.

"I'll take that as a compliment." He closed the distance between us. "I love you. Don't be ashamed of anything we did, even if your prudery is on life support."

~ Jeaniene Frost, One Foot in the Grave


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