Guest Post & Giveaway: Howling for You by Chloe Neill

Top Ten Things I Love About Jeff Christopher by Chloe Neill

*sigh* Jeff.
The Wenches have been eagerly awaiting the Jeff Christopher and Fallon Keene novella, Howling For You. We've gone on a lot about how much we love Jeff (especially in the last couple of installments of Chicagoland Vampires!) 

So in honor of this much anticipated release, 
we thought we'd ask the maestro herself what she loves so much about our favorite shifter!

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Jeff Christopher is one of my absolutely favorite characters, and I'm so glad I got to tell his story in the HOWLING FOR YOU novella, which hits e-readers on January 7 (today!).  Here are ten of my favorite things about Jeff :

10. His floppy hair. Jeff has the kind of hair that you just want to push behind his ears or off his forehead for a kiss.

9. His relationship with the Nymphs. The Nymphs see through Jeff's silly personality to the animal within. He's the strong, stable, smart man of their dreams.

8. And on the other hand, his crush on Merit. Personally, I think Jeff's crush on Merit is absolutely adorable. She's the total package for him--pretty, funny, and smart. The fact that she can wield a katana with the best of them helps a lot.

7. Jeff isn't afraid to be himself. Yes, he has his geekier moments. But those are the moments we love him the most. They show his true self, and the fact that he's not afraid to be exactly who he is.

6. His gamer "achievements". Jeff is a master at Jakob's Quest, his preferred game of choice. And those mad skills are impressive.

5. His comp skills. Jeff's tech skills aren't limited to games. He's quite the computer whiz, and can sneak in and out of classified sites with ease. But he's ethical enough to only use those skills for good, not evil.

4. His intelligence. Jeff is absolutely brilliant, but he's never condescending.

3. His sense of humor. Jeff is hilarious, always quick with a joke or witty comment.

2. His loyalty. Jeff is one of the most loyal characters in the CV world. Once you're in, you're in for life.

1. He's a full-size white tiger. Who wouldn't want to cuddle up to that?!

Thanks so much for hanging out with me today, and I hope you have an opportunity to check out HOWLING FOR YOU!

Oh, and did I mention the HOWLING download includes an exclusive preview of WILD THINGS, the 9th Chicagoland Vampires novel? You'll get the ENTIRE second chapter!


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