What The Wenches Are Reading

The Wenches have been busy this week. Not all of us with reading, unfortunately. But most of us still managed to dedicate some time to reading and watching stuff. 
We might have some new TV and book recommendations for you this week! Let us know what you think!

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Amanda: It's Groundhog Day over here. Still reading Outlander...Still not spending enough time reading...I'll try to have some new news for you next week!

Angela: This week I finally finished India Black and the Gentleman Thief (Madam of Espionage #4) by Carol Carr. What a fantastic, fun mysteries series to read. I'm disappointed that this seems to be the end of the road, with the series not being popular enough to carry on with. If you haven't checked this series out, add it to your TBR. You won't be disappointed!

Anne: Well, I want back to Dublin and Fever again this week in preparation for Feverborn and my upcoming trip to New Orleans with Head Wench Barb and Wench Amanda for the release party! I'm also slowly but surely working my way through Drums of Autumn.

Barb: I finished Olga's recommendation of Black Lies, and it was fine. Being my second Alessandra Torre book, I've enjoyed her work enough to want to read more, so I picked up Sex Love Repeat. About halfway through I'm enjoying it, really digging that Torre, in general, is masterful with leading the reader in one direction when we're really going somewhere completely different. I'm trying something different and reading a another book at the same time, so we'll see how that goes. I also picked up Troublemaker by Leah Remini. More juicy Hollywood gossip that I couldn't pass up on. 

Care: This week has been insane. INSANE. Cleaning house (by which I mean the kind of cleaning house that sees you vacuum under the couch), my parents visiting, more cleaning house... It's been a slow week. I managed, however, to finish up Playing To Win, and rampaged through Warrior's Cross. Up next, Writing Your Own Script: A Parent's Role in the Gifted Child's Social Development. Okay, it's been a crazy, *eclectic* week. I like 'em that way.  

Kathi: I finished reading Dune, and I am still such a fan of that book! So many layers of meaning, so much to think about that has resonated with me for decades. Its environmental and mythological themes were groundbreaking in the 60s, and they grow only more relevant over the years. I also enjoyed the 40th-anniversary audio version of this book, featuring multiple narrators and occasional woo-woo music in the background. After that, I spent a delightful evening loading up my e-reader with some new books for my upcoming vacation and beyond! In the meantime, I needed something short to enjoy while I stress over last-minute packing, took a look at all my new stuff, then dove into The Veil, which grabbed me by the eyeballs and wouldn’t let go! Chloe Neill has another fun series on her hands, I’m thinking!

Merit: This week I swapped reading for watching. Watched some T.V. series I had no time for before. First, I watched Once Upon a Time, the new season, up to episode 6. I love Emma as Dark Swan. Second, I watched 7 episodes of Blindspot, a new series about a Jane Doe who is found in Times Square with no memory and with mysterious tattoos covering her body. So yes, there's been something like this before, but I enjoyed it and kept on watching. Now, for the jewel in the crown, at least for me. I watched the first episode of Downton Abbey season 6, (The final season). Without giving spoilers to those who haven't watched it yet, I can say it was a wonderful episode, as enjoyable as ever on all levels, with some heartfelt and (on the other hand,) hilarious dialogue. I especially love those awkward, yet charming, dialogues between Mr.Carson and Mrs.Patmore.

Zee:  No reading for me this week, sorry! 


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