Quote of the Day

​"What are you doing, why are you walking like that?” 
Andy sat up from the bed as I was wobbling my way back from the closet. 
“Nothing, go back to sleep.” 
“Seriously, what are you doing, you look ridiculous?” 
“Nothing. Jesus, stop stalking me,” I snapped. 
“Just move your legs apart,” he insisted. 
I stood glaring at him from the entrance to our walk-in closet and slowly moved my thighs apart. There was a series of weird puckering sounds, and with a light thud, the balls once again dropped to the floor. 
“Did you just shit on the carpet?” he screamed. 
“No, God! They are exercise balls for my vagina; do we have no boundaries anymore?” I cried.

Fat Girl Walking by Brittany Gibbons


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