REPOST : Life is Beauty, Admire It

The Beauty All Around Us

In the United States, yesterday we celebrated what we are thankful for. Of course we are all thankful for our friends, our families, our jobs, blah, blah, blah. But we all know that we are Saucy Wenches. And Saucy Wenches are really thankful for the beauty in the world, so today we are going to celebrate some of the most beautiful creatures on Earth. Each Wench chose a particular creature with her favorite photo to share with you, dear readers. And since we know that you are exhausted from dealing with that family you are thankful for, all day yesterday, we are going to limit the chit-chat and just share the beauty. Enjoy. Oh, and you. are. welcome!


Alexander Skarsgard for GQ
Alex again. Yummy hand porn.

Chris Hemsworth

Two for the price of one here—the delicious Eric Etebari,
pictured with our girl crush, Karen Marie Moning.

Jeremy Renner

Hmmm, Alex once again. I see a pattern.

Another Jensen Ackles.

Joe Mangianello

Richard Armitage

Tom Hardy

Why yes, I did save the best for last!
The incomparable David Gandy.

David Gandy for Lucky.

Well, dear readers, the holiday season has officially begun (whether we wanted it to or not). So tell, us, which of nature's creatures are you most thankful for?



  1. OMG! This is difficult. Alexander as Eric, Chris as Thor or Richard as mr. Thornton. I choose them all!

  2. OMG Barbara Bones. You have posted one of my all time favourite Askars one. Yummy. Also Jeremy Renner. Gorgeous. What a great way to start the week.

  3. Richard Armitage with tattoos! What's that pic from?

    1. Suzanne that is from Spooks!! He was UHMAZING in it!! (and unbelievably sexy duh!)


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