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My wrists and ankles were bleeding. My knees too--I must've scraped myself trying to draw the circle. So far today I'd seen a woman almost die, I'd shot a person, I'd killed another person with my shockers, I'd been strung up on wires and almost crushed by a car, and now I was bleeding all over the place. If I could, I would punch today right in the face. 

Bern's black Civic pulled into the parking lot and swerved to avoid the bus. 

Mad Rogan looked down at my chalk lines. "This is the lousiest circlework I've ever seen. Were you drawing with your eyes closed?" 

That was it. I threw the chalk at him, got up, marched to the Civic, and got inside. "Drive, Bern. Please."
Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews


  1. I love that she hit him square in the forehead with the chalk! Hehehe ;)


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