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Amanda:  I'm STILL tandem reading A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons. The good news is that I'm really getting back into it, to the point that I'm losing some sleep to read. I am SO excited that I've come to the point where I must skip AHEAD to chapter 41 in AFFC, then skip over to ADWD and go BACK to chapter 7, then I can continue on pretty chronologically. I've been waiting for this moment in my reading! How nerdy can I be? LOL!

Angela: I'm reading my second Neil Gaiman book Anansi Boys. Enjoying it so far.

Anne: Sorry I missed last week! I was on vacation at my in-laws. Since it's the Fourth of July, I started reading Abi Roux's Stars & Stripes....again. It takes place around the Fourth and it's my favorite of the series.

Barb: I finished Detroit: An American Autopsy, which was absolutely fascinating. Look for a full review next week-ish. Now, I'm back to The Signature of All Things, which I need to finish a review before the end of the month, which is jam-packed with new releases I'm on pins and needles for!

Kathi: Still rereading Written in my Own Heart’s Blood and listening to Davina Porter’s wonderful audio version. Real Life has been particularly demanding lately, so there’s not much time for reading or enjoying summer activities, but that makes my time with Claire and Jamie so much more precious. (In other words, don’t get between me and my book if you value your life or bodily appendages. I have threatened to bite off the heads of irritants.) I did make time to attend the local Diana Gabaldon book signing this week and will share details as soon as I can! 

Merit:  I have just finished the third book in The Fae Chronicles series by Amelia Hutchings. Well this was a fun read. The story has Fae, witches and mags, demons, vampires, fairies, brownies and humans. It is absorbing, the world building is believableand interesting, there is a lot of action here and a lot of sex, with dirty talk and hot vibes between the main characters Synthia, who is that kind of, kickass heroine I love, and Ryder, the sexy dark prince of the fae. I enjoyed the books very much but I do have some issues with it: First, though English is not my first language, I found too many typos and errors. Second, too much sex details, I like it hot and dirty but if you get too clinical about it and too repetitive, it misses the point.  Third and last: there are too many similarities to other stories we know. For example, Ryder and his bunch of worriers remind me of Barrons and his nine. There is even similarity to V’Lane and the priya. I recommend this as a fun reading. There are 3 books in the series so far: Fighting Destiny, Taunting Destiny and Escaping Destiny.

Natalie: Hi readers, just doing a post and dash here. This summer just simply does not have enough hours in the day for me. I fished A Discovery of Witches and I'm now getting to the half way mark with Shadow of Night. Seeing as I gobbled up The Book of Life, I wanted to finish my reread of books 1 and 2 before I read it again. I pray that the reading gods and goddesses allow me time to get it all done so I can review The Book of Life by release day. OK now here is my dash part of the post! Have a great week reading everyone! I am back to the 1590s with Diana and Matthew.

Shau: So Wallbanger by Alice Clayton has a sequel, Rusty Nailed, and it's out. I must say that I was never into reading these kind of romance novels but Wallbanger was just incredibly funny and cute; I loved it. In Rusty Nailed we get to see how Caroline and Simon's relationship turned out and were it's going. So far I'm liking it a lot. It's not as funny as Wallbanger but it's pretty close. 

Zee: This week, I continued on my "reading mindless (but fun) stuff". As always, came across some good stuff and some not so good stuff. Actually enjoyed Linda Howard's Mr. Perfect (murder/mystery/romance) even though there were a couple of things I found problematic. Then read Branded For You by Cheyenne McCray, which was cheesy and made me roll my eyes a bit, but I STILL enjoyed the pretty straightforward romance, with no accidental pregnancies that result in proposals! I also read one of the free e-books I had downloaded, (because I liked the cover) The First Sinners, by Kate Pearce.. Which was exactly what I thought it would be, short and hot. Now I'm finally in the mood for something a little more substantial and will probably start The General's Son by Miko Peled (with a foreword by Alice Walker).


  1. I am reading Marked by the Moon the 9th book in Lori Handeland Night Creatures Series.


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